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Dusit Thani, Abu Dhabi Upgrades to Flexible Meeting Space with BenQ's Collaborative Display Solutions

  • BenQ
  • 2020-03-31

Dusit International was founded in 1948 and today is a leader in hotel management and hospitality education and comprises a unique international portfolio of distinctive hotels and resorts operating under four brands: Dusit Thani, dusitD2, Dusit Princess and Dusit Devarana.

Dusit International currently operates 33 properties worldwide and has over 50 confirmed projects in the pipeline in key destinations such as Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, and Vietnam.


Dusit Thani, Abu Dhabi, one of their 5 Star hotels in the UAE, hosts various VIP customers who recurrently make reservations for their meeting rooms. They needed an upgrade to their meeting rooms by redesigning the interiors with premium and stylish look, and to ensure their customers have the best technology available to them to lead a productive and successful meeting. Moreover, they wanted to create a Wireless and Hassle Free Meeting Room which was easier to manage and setup.

BenQ’s first interaction with Dusit Thani, Abu Dhabi, was during BETT 2017, which was held in their ballroom, and our team gave a demo of the Interactive Flat Panels to the IT Manager who was fascinated by the technology. After the event, the hotel management had started to realize what they’re missing out and initiated their plans for renovating their meeting rooms. A year later, they approached BenQ.

Facts at a Glance





Dusit Thani Hotel, Abu Dhabi


BenQ Solution Used:

  • BenQ RP8601K Interactive Flat Panels
  • BenQ LH890UST BlueCore Laser Projector
  • BenQ InstaShow™ WDC10 Wireless Presentation Solution


Year of Completion



After consulting with the BenQ Team, they knew exactly what they wanted to cater to their clients. They decided to go with the following solutions:

  • BenQ RP8601K Interactive Flat Panels to be installed and fitted into their interiors.
  • Portable Stand with RP8601K Interactive Flat Panels for special guests who wish to conduct meetings in their Suite.
  • LH890UST BlueCore Laser Projector for clients who wish to have a Screen size bigger than 86 inch.
  • Wireless Solution for clients for Quick Setup before a meeting


Clients were impressed with the ease of use and quick setup. They loved the Interactive Flat Panels especially with the Screen Mirror options and how easy it was to annotate within presentations to make their meetings more interactive. After the installation, we had the chance to meet some of hotel’s clients who were hosting a meeting to get their feedback on which features do they love most. And here’s what we captured.

As the group goes into the meeting room, the Hotel IT Admin uses the X-Sign Broadcast feature to deliver a scrolling text, and sometimes the Dusit Thani Corporate Video to welcome the guests. This continues to play until the guest taps on the screen to stop and begin the presentation.

We observed the presenters using InstaShare to wirelessly screen mirror their presentations & use the Floating Tool to annotate and make their presentations more interactive. Another feature they love to use is the Spotlight Presentation & Pointer, a feature in the exclusive BenQ remote which comes along with the RP8601K Interactive Flat Panels.


The Hotel has 4 meetings rooms, and each of which has the latest BenQ RP8601K Interactive Flat Panel. The specially-designed Silver Structured poles behind the panel was custom built to mount the screens on them.

According to the Desmond Hatton, General Manager, Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi, “It’s just a small drop in the ocean but it sets the tone for the industry to innovate and adopt Future-Proof Technology. It is encouraging to see that number of repeated guests reserving their meeting facilities, has increased since installation of BenQ Interactive Flat Panels.”

"With the proliferation of BYOD, presentations and meetings today are originating from a diverse range of devices. And in order to meet our client’s expectations we decided to also incorporate BenQ’s WDC10 InstaShow while keeping pace with connectivity standards for a truly intuitive and streamlined collaboration experience."

Situated in close proximity to Abu Dhabi’s most famous football stadium, Al Jazira Sports Stadium, it attracts a lot of football teams to stay in the hotel. There are also football coaches who live in the Club Suites and often like to host training for the teams in their suite. BenQ’s RP8601K Interactive Flat Panel is favored by the coaches especially since it has a set template of a football field, which the coaches use to train the players.

Portable Solution

According to the IT Admin, the football coaches specifically request for the BenQ Interactive Panels to be delivered to their suite on several occasions which is why they always have one of the panels on a Trolley Stand to easily transport it to their rooms.

While the hotels meeting rooms have fixed Interactive Flat Panels, they also cater to various other client requests who require Bigger Screen Size, and the hotel sets up BenQ’s LH890UST Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector in such cases. Where in the past they had to have VGA or HDMI Cables running across the room to connect the projector to the client’s laptops, today, the meeting rooms are equipped with BenQ WDC10 InstaShow and clients can now share their presentations with ease and wirelessly. They soon plan to install a large white board and mount the LH890UST in the ceiling to offer an Interactive Solution on a large screen using the Ultra Short Throw Projector.

BenQ’s BlueCore laser projectors provide pristine image quality and amazing flexibility, while InstaShow makes meetings smoother than ever. For companies that are considering a meeting-room makeover but don’t know where to begin, the team at Dusit Thani recommends reaching out to BenQ and its first-rate support team.