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When my PC is connected to the speaker via an audio cable, why does the speaker sometimes fail to produce any sound or the microphone does not work?


If you are connecting a Mac or iPad, enter the computer/tablet’s audio menu and search for and select “external headphones” as the input device.

If you are connecting a Windows notebook, enter the computer’s audio input menu and select the computer itself as the input device.

If the microphone is still unable to detect audio, check if your notebook PC’s audio jack supports 4-pin audio cables.

Then please make sure that: 

  1. The 3.5mm connector of the audio cable is fully inserted into both the speaker and PC’s audio jack.
  2. The volume level on the speaker is not at its lowest.
  3. The volume level on the PC is not muted, then increase the volume level on the PC. 
  4. If audio is distorted, lower the volume level on the PC.
  5. If problems still persist, use a different audio cable.

PC users, ensure that:

  • If you are listening to music or watching video, plug the audio cable to the green audio jack on your PC.
  • If the microphone is unable to detect audio, it is because most desktop PCs do not support CTIA 4-pin audio cables. On desktops, only speaker mode works, and the microphone will be disabled. 

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