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I've read about issues that cause a white border on all projectors that use the TI 0.47" DMD chip. Any word on a fix for this?


Your projector indeed uses a Texas Instruments 0.47" DMD chip to display true 4K UHD 3840x2160 (8.3 million pixels) with XPR technology for brilliant image performance. However, that chip also causes inactive pixels which appear as a visible grey or white area. You can adjust the setup of the projector to eliminate these areas and enjoy full-screen projection by:

(1) Using a projection screen in 16:9 with 4-side black masking. Make sure the projected image is fully expanded to make full use of the display area. 

(2) Projecting on a screen 120” or larger.

(3) Setting the lamp mode to “SmartEco”.

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