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Why can't Palette Master Element recognize the monitor when connecting to USB 3.0 port?


Please follow the steps below for troubleshooting. 


1.Remove all USB devices from the monitor except the USB-C cable or
   USB upstream cable (USB TypeA to TypeB cable) and the calibrator that
   connects to the PC/NB and the monitor.

2.Uninstall the current version of the PME program and all of the
   calibration programs

3.Download the latest version of PME from BenQ's official website and
   re-install it 

4.The Key Step: When installing PME software, keep the USB-C or USB
   upstream cable (USB TypeA to TypeB cable) connected to the monitor
   and PC/NB directly, and make sure all drivers are correctly installed
   during the installation.

5.Reboot the PC/NB and open PME to check if it can work.

6.If the error message persists, unplug and re-plug the USB upstream
   cable (USB TypeA to TypeB cable) or replace a new one.


If the issue still exists, please contact BenQ local service for further assistance.

Applicable Models

SW2700PT, SW320, SW240, PV3200PT

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