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How does low input lag work on a projector and how to best achieve low input lag?


Input lag, also known as latency, is the time interval between action and reaction, which is better when it’s lower.


Our products for gaming are designed with processing components that offer excellent response and high refresh rates. They can process a 1080p resolution at 60Hz and even 120Hz, or 60 and 120 frames per second. The input can be easily calculated, at just 16ms for 60Hz (1/60th of a second) and 8.3ms for 120Hz (1/120th of a second).


Please be aware of the following when considering input lag:


1. Keystone can be adjusted, but it will increase input lag.


2. Overscan will be greyed out in gaming mode.


3. The aspect ratio will be locked at 16:9.


4. Gaming mode supports 60Hz and 120Hz refresh only in 1080p full HD.

Applicable Models

TH671ST, Full HD 3500 lumens Home Video Projector | TH685, W1120, W1210ST

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