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How to activate ideaCam camera authorization in Chrome?


 When using EnSpire, the software requires activated camera authorization. In Chrome browser, you could open the camera access by doing the following:

1. When opening the EnSpire webpage, click 【Allow】with the popup message saying 【 wants to use your camera/ use your microphone】option.


2. In the browser , please select the following: 

Click 【Setting】


3. Click【Privacy and Security】


4. Click 【Site Setting】


5. Check under 【Permission】session and both 【Microphone 】and 【Camera】can be found.


6. Click allow for both 【Microphone】and 【Camera】. For example, in Camera section it would be like below:


For Microphone would be like the following:

Applicable Models

ideaCam S1 Pro, ideaCam S1 Plus

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