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This Portable Projector Is Perfect For Movie Nights At Home And It Works With Everything

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I’ve always dreamt of owning a projector since my school days since I first saw it in AV Class back in the day to watch documentaries. Since then, projectors have come a long way and now we’ve started to see portable projectors that can be used anywhere. We got to test the BenQ GV1 recently that looks more or less like a simple Bluetooth speaker but can do far more. The portable projector is a light, battery-powered unit and uses a wireless connection to work with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Design and Features

The BenQ GV1 is a cute little portable projector that packs a punch. That’s quite impressive for something that is only 155mm tall and only 80mm deep. The design reminds us of a tall Bluetooth speaker which has proven to be a great design for portable devices. The top of the projector can be tilted by 15-degrees, giving you more flexibility to align the projected image. We do have to mention that the projector does apply automatic keystone in order to retain the correct shape of the projection. While this method does sacrifice the resolution a bit, it does make your overall picture look true.

Unlike traditional projectors, the GV1 does not have a zoom-in or zoom-out feature, however you can adjust the focus with a dial on the left side of the tilting top. We recommend using the GV1 not too far from your wall as it does end up sacrificing clarity. We also recommend being as far as 3 meters from the wall, however, being closer with a smaller picture will yield a far superior experience.

When it comes to portability, the BenQ GV1 can last up to three hours on a single charge which is more than enough for watching a full Bollywood movie. However, if you do run out of battery you can use the supplied DC adapter to charge and watch at the same time. The GV1 uses an Osram Q9 LED lamp which is particularly known for its low power consumption and longevity. With this lamp, you can watch around 30,000 total hours of video content on this projector, effectively lasting you for years.

Using the BenQ GV1 is fairly simple where you simply need to set it up using Wi-Fi. All you need to do is set up the Wi-Fi network that takes 2 minutes and you are ready to watch movies and shows on the GV1. The GV1 supports both Google Cast and AirPlay which is perfect for both Android and iPhone users who want to cast video. Alternatively, you can also use a wired connection using a USB-C port. You can also connect hard drives and USB sticks into the same port to directly play content from your personal collection. The portable projector also comes with an HDMI to USB-C cable so you can connect any external device such as a DVD player or a gaming device to play games on the GV1.

You can also use the four buttons that can be found on top of the projector for functions such as volume control, power on/off and a button to toggle between projection mode or audio speaker only. The projector also comes with a remote that is needed for menu navigation and selection functions and other basic functions needed to operate it.

We also updated the projector with a new firmware that enables us to load apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others so that you can play content from these OTT platforms natively.

Picture Quality

Being a portable projector, you cannot really expect it to perform like one. The resolution on the GV1 is 854 by 480 pixels which isn't really great. However, since it is a portable projector, the picture quality was very good albeit you need to adjust it with the dial on the side. While some people might find the resolution to be disappointing, it is worth pointing out that a Digital Micromirror Device such as the GV1 cannot possibly deliver TV level resolution. Since this technology involves physically moving mirrors on their surface, a full HD DMD is near impossible to achieve at the moment that comes in this size. So for what it’s worth, the GV1 is quite impressive.

Using the GV1 with ambient light is not a problem, however it would be best to use it in a dark room as its brightness is rated for 200 ANSI Lumens. It’s not particularly super-bright but is perfectly fine to use in a dark room. We didn’t really expect theatre performance from the GV1, however if you intend to use it in hotel rooms, living rooms and other intimate locations, you shouldn’t really have a problem viewing content.

The Final Say

If you’ve always wanted to see your content on a larger screen and don’t really want to get a full-blown projector; the BenQ GV1 is a fun gadget to own. With support for practically every device and with all the necessary ports for viewing offline content; the BenQ GV1 is perfect for movie nights at home.