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BenQ W8000 Professional Grade Home Cinema Projector with Interchangeable Lens

BenQ, the internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle products and global DLP® projector leader with number one market share position in the Indian market, today unveiled its new top of the line Home Video Projector, the W8000.


BenQ W8000 Professional Grade Home Cinema Projector with Interchangeable Lens

·         Rec. 709 HDTV Standard Delivers Finest Cinematic Color Experience  


New Delhi, May 17th, 2016 – BenQ, the internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle products and global DLP® projector leader with number one market share position in the Indian market, today unveiled its new top of the line Home Video Projector, the W8000. The projector takes the home cinema experience to near movie theatre experience, thanks to the BenQ’s expertise of home theatre technology and adherence to Rec. 709 HDTV standard for accuracy in colour reproduction.


It is BenQ’s first home theatre projector which comes with Interchangeable lens options and is built for custom installation, making it a truly versatile product irrespective of the size of your room, there are 5 optional lens allowing from 1.5 meter to more than 11 meters play between the screen and the mounted location. It has High Native Contrast of 10000:1is meant for the finest details and generating industry-leading levels of contrast ratio performance, W8000 produces deep, true blacks for a truly awe-inspiring visual experience. In addition to the outstanding black level, W8000’s high native contrast clearly resolves subtle layers and fine details in dark scenes.


Unmatched Image Performance & Viewing Quality

The W8000 comes with an arsenal of tech aimed squarely at the home-theatre enthusiast who is looking for a no-compromise Full HD 3D projector.  It is capable for breath-taking motion picture quality with flawless all-glass optics for the best viewing quality.  It comes with 6X Speed RGBRGB colour wheel, this projector is individually crafted for cinematic colour modelled on REC 709 HDTV Standard, to deliver refined colour that are the truest possible reproduction of the original colour as the director actually intended them to be.


This Product has many industry first technological innovations inside the box; W8000 has State-of-the-Art Image Uniformity via BenQ’s pioneering Total Inner Reflection (TIR) which results in pristine image quality across the screen. Other technologies which are instrumental in superior colour accuracy and extreme delight are Digital Colour Transient Improvement & Digital Luminance Transient Improvement, what these technology do is to heighten colour vibrancy in drastic colour transitions without any noise like in a case where two contrasting colour are very near or day and night scene transition; it also optimizes brightness and contrast of the image with utmost picture depth and colour performance. The installer can tweak the advanced controls to independently control all six primary colours making it an ISF-Friendly projector with immense versatility to suit any scenario and room type.


Bringing Hollywood into Your Home with BenQ’s CinemaMaster

BenQ W8000 feature exclusive CinemaMaster technology, turning any room into a world-class home theater with video and audio enhancements. The W8000’s Video Enhancer features include Motion Enhancer to turn head-spinning action sequences into fluidly flowing movement by inserting 36 interpolated frames between sequences to produce seamless and vivid 60-frames-per-second video. Colors pop off the screen with Color Enhancer, which employs complex algorithms to make detailed adjustments to color saturation for truer, more vibrant hues and pigments. Another eye-opening feature, Pixel Enhancer, produces sharper images with crisp edges and realistic surface textures to reveal even the finest details. And thanks to Flesh Tone, which boosts skin color without impacting background hues, the actors on the screen never looked better. With BenQ W8000’s H/V Lens Shift, the lens can be shifted vertically or horizontally to fit perfectly into any room or work around small obstacles with a dynamic range of projection locations




 “BenQ has always been at the foreground of advancing customer needs, providing best user experience through innovation and design. We are glad to offer W8000 home theatre projector with technology that rekindles that experience of having the best & spending time together with your friends and family while you watch your favorite movies, match or soap opera.”, commented Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India on the launch. “BenQ brings the amazement and realism of the Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters into your living room with our latest W8000 home video projector. BenQ has created the ultimate solution for the growing body of consumers that seek premium cinematic viewing within the comforts of their own home.’’


Whether watching the latest blockbuster with family, playing video games with the kids, or catch a sports match with friends, the W8000 makes your home the center of the action. The W8000 is available for INR 2,75,000.


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