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2012 BenQ International Sculptural Workshop Takes Place in MabuVilla,Taiwan

2012 BenQ International Sculptural Workshop Takes Place in MabuVilla,Taiwan


Taipei, Taiwan, November 14th, 2012 – In the fall of 2012, the third “BenQ International Sculpture Workshop” will take place in MabuVilla, in northern Taiwan county of Hsinchu. After three months of rigorous screening, 17 sculptors from Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Syria, and Taiwan will gather and live in MabuVilla for undertaking on-site sculptural creation for one month.


Sculptural works selected this year mostly incorporate the artists’ personal sentiment towards life, as well as their reflection on and experience of the humanistic environment. Via different media, such as stone or cast copper, they are set to carve out sculptural works, which project high intensify, profound feeling, and serene image.

During the one-month period, the organizer will arrange various activities for the artists to have deeper understanding of Taiwan, so that they can share their Taiwanese experience with other people and transmit Taiwan image worldwide. Such activities include idea exchanges with local sculptors, visit to Smungus tribe in Hsinchu, visit to Taiwanese forest, visit to National Palace Museum, which are meant to inspire their creativity and acquaint them with the humanistic beauty of Taiwan.

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