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BenQ launches new Gaming sub-brand Mobiuz and new range of Gaming Monitors under Zowie Brand in India


-Launches new sub-brand MOBIUZ with EX2510 to unlock new levels of gaming immersion
- Launches ZOWIE XL2546K and ZOWIE XL2411K specifically designed for professional e-Sports players

New Delhi, December 11, 2020: BenQa leading global innovator of display technologies, announced the launch of new gaming monitor sub-brand MOBIUZ and new XL-K series under ZOWIE range. The company introduced BenQ EX2510 in the MOBIUZ series & XL2546K and XL2411K in ZOWIE range. The MOBIUZ range is designed for gaming enthusiasts who demand immersion and performance in PC and Console games. ZOWIE XL range is specifically designed for e-Sports players. Combined with a stylish design, powerful performance and fast refresh rate, the new range of monitors create an immersive playing field that enhances the gaming experiences.

EX2510 monitor is the first entrant of BenQ’s new gaming monitor sub-brand MOBIUZ that caters to PC Gamers and AAA gamers. MOBIUZ enriches emphatic gameplay with image, audio, and control enhancements as well as proprietary BenQ Eye-Care (Brightness Intelligence – Auto Brightness Adjustment). To have the best visual experience it harnesses HDRi technology and 99% sRGB Colr Gamut. This means the scenes in games will be more life-like and close to reality so that you can have an immersive experience as if they are a part of reality. This visual experience is bolstered by purpose-built treVolo speakers (2.5W X 2) to deliver the most engaging sound experience. Thus, a complete audio-visual immersive gaming experience bundled together with Full HD clear IPS panel, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms MPRT, and wide viewing angles. Without a doubt, MOBIUZ unleashes your imagination and engulfs you in vibrant gameplay more than ever before.

Development of Zowie XL series has been steered by the focus of providing precise and customizable adjustment for players to perform to the best of their abilities in-game because in the world of eSports, players who take this sport seriously are the true stars. New technologies are not introduced unless it can enhance in-game experience. Each player has different visual and physical setup preferences. This is why every iteration of the XL series has been designed to help players see more clearly and play more comfortably. The new Zowie XL-K Series is enhancement over previous XL models in terms of smaller base for more space, fluid adjustments for comfortable gaming and setting sharing capabilities (XL Setting to ShareTM).

Commenting on the launches, Rajeev Singh, Managing Director - BenQ India, said, “Gaming scene in India has been exploding, with gamers wanting more in terms of technology and features to help them perform better. With monitor being the major enabler in gaming, we are thrilled to introduce new sub-brand MOBIUZ and enhanced XL-K Series under ZOWIE Brand. Exclusive performance innovations such as intelligent HDRi, Wide Color Gamut and tailor-made speakers from our renowned treVolo audio team complement ingenious gamer features and eye-care to ensure you not only enjoy, but fully immerse yourself in everything that the gaming world has to offer to enthusiastic gamers.

The new Zowie XL-K Series brings an amalgamation of comfort and competitive edge that will further elevate our presence in the gaming monitor market in India. With this range, we aim to facilitate gamers with the most comfortable gaming gear to hone their skills and excel in tournaments.”

Utilizing a discretely integrated light sensor, MOBIUZ EX2510 monitor actively detects ambient light levels and analyses on-screen content to produce flawlessly detailed HDR images. This BenQ-exclusive HDRi technology provides unprecedented clarity with superb contrast to reveal subtle shades in dark regions of the screen while preserving fine details in bright areas. Wide Color Gamut of 99% sRGB makes the monitor stand-out from others as it can create more life-like images in the game. Thus, by generating stunning color-intensity, balance, saturation and more colors, the BenQ MOBIUZ Series captivates gamers into richly rendered in-game universes without visual compromise. For full immersion, MOBIUZ gaming monitors also offer custom high-end 2.5 W X 2 speakers designed by BenQ’s treVolo audio engineers to deliver a spectacular aural experience.

ZOWIE XL2546K and XL2411K gaming monitors are enhanced version of XL2546S and XL2411P respectively from Zowie Portfolio and well-predicted hit in the FPS community. They have all the great features of their predecessors - Proprietary Dynamic Accuracy Technology (DyAc), same smoothness and clarity with high Refresh rate (up to 240 Hz), least Response time (as low as 0.5ms), Black Equalizer and Color Vibrance. Building on these features, these new models additionally have smaller base for more space, fluid & flexible adjustments of the height and tilt-angle to provide more comfort in-game, XL Setting to Share™ to help share settings with a team mate.

BenQ MOBIUZ Monitors (newly launched gaming monitor sub-brand)

  • • 24.5 inch 3-Side-Borderless IPS FHD Monitor for PC and Console Games
  • • HDRi technology and 99% sRGB Color Space with true sound audio by treVolo Speakers (2.5W X 2) deliver immersion
  • • 144 Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms MPRT and FreeSync™ Premium for smooth gameplay
  • • Eye-Care for Extended Play hours

BenQ ZOWIE XL Monitors

BenQ ZOWIE 240Hz 0.5 ms e-Sports Monitor | XL2546K

  • • 24.5-inch FHD Gaming Monitor for e-Sports Players
  • • Esports Grade TN Panel
  • • XL Settings to ShareTM
  • • Dynamic Accuracy+ (DyAC+) for Blur Reduction
  • • Color Vibrance and Black Equalizer for clarity
  • • Shield, S-Switch and Headphone Holder

BenQ ZOWIE 144Hz 1 ms e-Sports Monitor | XL2411K

  • • 24-inch FHD Gaming Monitor for e-Sports Players
  • • Esports Grade TN Panel
  • • XL Settings to ShareTM
  • • Dynamic Accuracy (DyAC) for Blur Reduction
  • • Color Vibrance and Black Equalizer for clarity
  • • SHEILD Compatible and Headphone Holder

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