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BenQ introduces Industry-first Smart Projectors designed specifically for ultimate convenience and productivity


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions across various sectors in the economy, forcing people to pivot their perception of business as usual. With the emergence of hybrid education and work, businesses and educational institutes are depending on innovative technological solutions for ease of operation. Contributing to the need of the hour BenQ supports this new ‘Learn-from-Home’ and ‘Work-from-Home’ culture with the a host of solutions that foray into the smart, portable, and accessible technology space.

Smart projectors have replaced the traditional projectors and are now a critical part of any business or educational institute. Just like one can’t run a business with a feature phone, traditional projectors can no longer meet the needs of the modern meeting room and hinder convenience and productivity.

TBenQ Smart Projectors for Business and Education is equipped with a built-in Android operating system, enabling easy wireless projection, internet connectivity, productivity apps, and over-the-air (OTA) updates making it the perfect smart solution to help the business team perform their work. Featuring built-in internet connectivity and web browser, the BenQ Smart Projector also enables the teachers to wirelessly access online teaching material without using a PC or laptop. With the industry-first smart projectors, educational institutes can achieve smart and blended learning, easily and intuitively.

Using built-in Blizz app, it is easy to conduct video conferencing for work or learning and enjoy the charm of big screen projection. BenQ’s advanced Smart Projector has proven to be an ideal for families that are looking for both work and play requirements. It can be used for a multitude of activities without having to worry about eye health.

Some of the key features of BenQ Smart Projectors for Business –