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SW Series Monitors Review by Ian Van Der Wolde

Ian Van dar Wolde

"One of the most important things for me, in my workflow, is a good quality color managed monitor" - says professional photographer and BenQ Global Ambassador Ian Van der Wolde. Watch the video to learn how BenQ professional photography monitor SW271C and SW321C satisfy his requirements. 

Ian Van der Wolde

Portrait / Spain

Ian Van der Wolde is a multi-award winning commercial photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. He specializes in Advertising, Aerial, Fashion, Food, Corporate People, Public Relations, Portraiture, Product and Industrial photography.

Photographer Monitor with 32 inch, 4K Adobe RGB | SW321C
  • Paper Color Sync Technology to Simulate Photo Print Effect on Screen
  • Uniformity Technology for Screen-Wide Color Accuracy
  • 99% Adobe RGB Color Space with IPS Technology

Photographer Monitor with 27 inch, 2K Adobe RGB |SW270C

●Uniformity Technology for Screen-Wide Color Accuracy

●99% Adobe RGB Color Space with IPS Technology

●USB-C Connectivity with Power Delivery

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