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The Design Philosophy of the BenQ PhotoVue Series


It is not news that our AQCOLOR monitors offer color-critical professionals a unique set of tools that allows for improved and more efficient workflows. However, no features that make our PhotoVue series great happens by chance. On top of selecting the best panels to give all of our SW-series monitors leading specs and performance, our design team invests countless hours refining the industrial design of our monitors.

It is perhaps BenQ’s renowned industrial design that makes our screens stand out from the crowd. From the color and shape of the materials used to the accessories bundled with them like our Hotkey Puck and shading hood, these are some of the most crucial design aspects of our PhotoVue monitor series.

Matte Grey Material

The primary fabrication material of our SW-series photographer’s monitors is a sturdy grey plastic that encloses the whole monitor and adds a comfortable bezel around the screen. This high-quality polymer makes the monitor design very resistant and improves the performance for photo-editing purposes.

The neutral-grey color of this plastic takes its inspiration from the 18-degree grey commonly used in photography to obtain consistent exposure and color. This matte neutral texture gives the PhotoVue monitors a very professional look that matches the preferences of professional photographers. Additionally, the grey bezel improves perceived contrast for even better performance.

Shading Hood

Perhaps the most valued design feature of our AQCOLOR monitors for photographers is the shading hood included with every PhotoVue model. This easy-to-install hood protects from stray light in the room, preventing unwanted glare and reflections on the screen that distract from what is important to you.

The lightweight shading hood was part of the design of our SW-series from the very early stages; this means that their functionality is part of the monitor itself. They adjust to the screen being in either horizontal or vertical positions and effortlessly snap into place. The inner side of the shading hood has a lining of non-reflective soft velvet that further dissipates any stray light. Our designed team chose this material for its idea properties after testing dozens of options in the lab. These characteristics make BenQ shading hoods the best on the market, striking the right balance of functionality, durability, and ease of installation.

Details That Matter

In addition to the most prominent features that make our photographer monitor a great choice, other smaller design decisions ensure the best workflow in professional environments. The smaller but thoughtful details contribute to the overall feeling of refinement that characterizes them.

For example, the LED light on the front is unobtrusive to the photographer’s work thanks to its low brightness and white color. Additionally, it is easy to turn off entirely from the OSD for those who prefer to work in a dark environment. The OSD control buttons on the SW-series are front-mounted for accessibility. These large buttons are tactile for haptic feedback, and they are evenly spaced to prevent confusion even in the dark.


It is not by chance that all types of photographers prefer our SW-series monitors. Careful selection of the best materials and refined industrial design go into creating some of the best products for color-critical professionals. BenQ is committed to listening to the feedback of professionals and to creating products that match their needs. All of this is what defines our AQCOLOR brand of monitors.

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