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Go on a Souls-like Adventure with MOBIUZ!!


Roaming the open spaces of the dark lands or exploring their underground dungeons, you will surely be mesmerized by the enchanting visuals and adventurous atmosphere of your favorite RPG. However, if you are not equipped with the right items, stunning game visuals may not alleviate your frustration when you are killed swiftly by enemies that pounce on you from the hidden, dark depths. With BenQ MOBIUZ Gaming Monitors, gain the clarity and responsiveness you need to conquer every challenge and emerge victorious!

The Right Features for Optimized Visuals
 Rugged hills or foggy swamps HDRi shows it all with intelligent image optimization


Whether you’re playing day or night, you get the ideal viewing experience with BenQ HDRi auto-adjustable brightness and contrast. See clearly and comfortably, walk across rugged hills, tufted castles, and foggy swamps with deeper blacks and brighter contrast.

Light Tuner

Always be on guard. Overlook creatures lurking in the dark, and there will be a hefty price to pay. Take advantage of Light Tuner and choose from 20 settings to get amazing image clarity to avoid behind jumped by fiends or missing out on treasures.

to get amazing image clarity to avoid behind jumped by fiends with Light Tuner
fighting a tough mob with no tear and stutter with high refresh rate and Freesync technology

VRR and FreeSync

Nothing is more annoying than tearing and stutter when you are fighting hard against a boss or a tough mob. BenQ MOBIUZ gaming monitors have variable refresh rate and AMD FreeSync, allowing for smooth low latency HDR gaming.

Game Enhanced Audio

Whether you are galloping into the wilderness, evading attacks, or battling head to head against challenging bosses, superior game audio makes gaming more hyperreal. Adventuring and vanquishing foes becomes a true feast for the senses.

adventuring becomes a true feast for the senses with game enhanced audio of MOBIUZ

Try playing acclaimed RPGs on BenQ MOBIUZ gaming monitors to experience something truly extraordinary. And if much higher contrast is what you specifically crave, a BenQ MOBIUZ OLED gaming monitor is coming soon to offer even better visuals.

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