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Pantone Validated Now in DesignVue and PhotoVue Monitors


What is Pantone and the Pantone Matching System?

Pantone is considered the global authority on commercial color reproduction. Since the 1960s, it has standardized over 10,000 colors for designers and product developers. In 1963, Pantone changed the printing industry creating the Pantone Matching System, effectively defining a new standard for color reproduction.

The PMS organizes color standards through a proprietary numbering system and a palette of color chips, which have become an icon of color and design themselves. It has become a universal language of color that enables color decisions to carry through every stage of the workflow accurately, from designers to producers and manufacturers. It is found in use in every field, from graphic design to 4K video production.

What is Pantone Validated?

Pantone Validated brings Pantone's globally known color standards to electronic devices. It qualifies a color device capability to render a range of the Pantone colors accurately.

Monitors approved through the Pantone Validated program are assessed by technicians using color science principles and advanced Calibrite technology to qualify professional and production-grade devices. BenQ DesignVue and PhotoVue monitors offer integrated color correction and BenQ-exclusive AQCOLOR technology to guarantee superior fidelity in color accuracy, including tested quality in achieving Pantone Matching System colors.

How does Pantone Validated Improve my Workflow?

Ensuring that the appearance of colors, in print or finished products, match those displayed on the screen during the production process will help reflect the original design intent. Professionals who acknowledge color accuracy as a critical aspect in display technology or output devices should look for models tested and approved by Pantone.

Pantone’s validation of DesignVue and PhotoVue monitors reinforces BenQ’s dedication to providing absolute color accuracy to color-critical professional applications. Now including Pantone colors as shown on the screen.

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