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Colorful Office Walls, No Screen, but Still Want a Projector? It’s Possible!


Many enterprises pride themselves on being creative and encouraging a free spirit. Along those lines, plenty of businesses opt for diverse wall colors painted shades other than formal white. Plus, sometimes people want to keep offices neat and simple, preferring uncovered walls. That applies to the screens projectors traditionally use. Speaking of tradition, projectors also typically work best with white backgrounds. So does that mean if your office has non-white walls or you don’t use a screen you also can’t enjoy the benefits of a projector? With BenQ Wall Color Mode you most definitely can, and with great color quality to boot. 

Adorning your business in wall paint that makes you energetic no longer entails giving up on big picture presentations if you decide a projector is right for you but you prefer to keep things neat and aren’t looking to buy a dedicated projection screen. While with many projectors the lack of a screen is a problem and projecting onto walls in any color but white presents an even bigger obstacle, we’ve designed a fix. BenQ Wall Color Mode allows for displaying crisp and color-accurate images on different types of wall paint with automatic image adjustment so you don’t have to fiddle with complicated settings or sacrifice your team’s ability to share content towards better productivity. 

Decorative, Unique Walls Become a Screen
Wall Color Mode On
Wall Color Mode Off

Once you decide it’s time to use a projector at work, you’ll quickly find that most options don’t accommodate your creative office choices. The majority of business projectors require a screen to cover up that wall you worked so hard to paint just the right shade. And even if they work OK while screenless, a wall painted non-white will cause massive image quality deterioration and force you to spend more time messing around with color settings than getting things done with your team.

Thankfully, BenQ likes creativity and so we brought in Wall Color Mode. It has proven very helpful for businesses who need projectors as part of their work toolset but at the same time don’t conform with the blandness of white walls. We decided you don’t need to compromise nor become a color calibration expert just to get great quality, large format presentations. Wall Color Mode lets you keep your personalized walls pristine and unhidden behind a screen you don’t want while making the whole experience simple and free from frustration. 

Colors which we call light yellow, light pink, light blue, light green, and blackboard

Employing smart surface detection and color adjustment, Wall Color Mode supports five major hue groups. Light yellow, light pink, light blue, light green, and black, which we refer to as blackboard. The projector modifies color balance and overall luminance based on the different reflectivity of the wall. While most projectors expect a highly reflective surface like a white screen or wall, with Wall Color Mode you get an image optimized for a much wider range of surface reflectivity levels. And it’s all done automatically by the projector, saving you the bother of struggling to find the right color balance manually.

For example, if your wall of choice happens to be blue, BenQ projectors with Wall Color Mode will de-emphasize blue and boost red and green output. That’s speaking broadly, as a lot more goes into it, but the net result is a satisfying and attractive image free from odd imbalances or extreme loss of quality as happens with non-adjusting projectors. As we said, you shouldn’t be penalized for being creative. Just because you dare paint walls non-white doesn’t mean you have to give up on the great utility of projectors in the business realm. 

The Freedom to Paint

You can also think of Wall Color Mode as a kind of future proofing. Let’s say right now you do have a screen to display on and your office walls are all painted white. Why should you avoid making creative changes to your business just to accommodate a projector? It should be the other way around, with the projector accommodating your choices. So if down the line you decide to remove the screen and paint the office walls a shade of red you won’t have to give up on using your projector. 

Expand Your Canvass

By providing premium enterprise-class features and technologies with our business projectors, we hope to offer users more opportunities for being productive while personalizing their workspaces. Wall Color Mode is one such feature, designed specifically to enable highly accurate, pristinely viewable presentations on a wider spectrum of colors and materials. With Wall Color Mode you can challenge conventions and limitations. No more will the lack of a screen or having colorfully-painted walls hamper collaboration. Your business deserves the best.

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