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6 Smart Trends in Meeting Room for 2020

What you should keep in mind when equipping your workplace.

2020.3.10 by BenQ

1. Mobile devices are welcome

Ever had your mobile ring at a meeting and got glares and stares? In the past, mobiles have been frowned upon at meetings, yet
32% of millennials use smartphones and/or tablets to collaborate with colleagues at work. Rather than viewing them as interruption, modern businesses see them as a tool. A smart projector, used for wireless mirroring, amps up communication even further. Now you can share ideas from your smart phone, via wireless projection.

2. Internet access is essential

Accessing the internet during business meetings helps make meetings more efficient. Decisions can be made on the spot. No delays waiting for information. A smart projector has an Android-based system and supports internet connectivity, so staff can access files on the cloud, or watch YouTube videos though Firefox browser embedded in Smart Projector. Your meeting just became more interactive – and interesting.

3. Video conferencing is the new norm

Calls with video are more engaging and effective – 94% of businesses say video conferencing increases productivity, and in a recent survey, 98% of respondents said video conferencing helps relationship-building1. With employees working remotely and business becoming more global, video conferencing is now part of everyday business operations. A time saving, all-in-one meeting room solution is required – enter the smart projector.

4. Huddles are happening

Huddle spaces are on the increase, replacing traditional meeting rooms. Why? They encourage dialogue and engagement – and are even more effective with technology which facilitates interactive discussion. In 2020, outfitting huddle spaces is more affordable than ever before.

5. There's a plethora of platforms

Platforms of all types are increasing. For example, once PowerPoint was ubiquitous; now there are other choices like Prezi and Keynote. The abundance of platforms can be problematic - wireless presentation can involve multiple steps and even require IT support. With a smart projector you can switch platforms and/or presenters simply and quickly via wireless mirroring. That’s less meeting time lost.

6. Increased agility is required

Immediacy results in greater efficiency. With the smart projector you can access files on the cloud and collaborate, in real meeting time. Making informed decisions on the spot is easier when you can work on the same file in the cloud, or access information from the internet.

These workplace trends mean businesses need new tools for wireless mirroring that are smarter – and the new generation of smart projectors is up to the task.

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