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What Are Smart Projectors for Business?

Things You Should Know about Smart Projectors
(It Is Certainly Not What You Think!)

2020.04.10 by BenQ

In today’s date, new tools and technologies are launched every minute to keep up with the world’s increasing demand for simplicity, ease, and efficiency. ‘Smart’ products, right from smartphones to smart TVs, are very much in trend. Which is why it isn’t a surprise that smart home projectors are considered perfect devices to enhance the viewing experience. In fact, they easily fit all the requirements of a luxurious yet cost effective entertainment device!

The usage of these smart projectors can also be expanded into business setups, where with improved collaboration, easy intuitive interface, and professional wireless presentations, they can effectively cater to the needs of a modern meeting room. In addition, they support new models and considerations like banning laptops and mobile phones from meetings and adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy to create agile workspaces. The result? Better productivity and time effectiveness! A further look at this article will tell you what features transform projectors into smart projectors for businesses


What Makes a Smart Projector Smart?

Smart Projectors are More than Just Wireless


One of the most common misconceptions about smart devices is that anything ‘wireless’ is smart. But that is not exactly true.

Wireless projectors allow you to connect your laptop or mobile phone without any need for cables and wire support. But with new technologies coming into play, it is easy to convert any projector into a wireless one. One option is to use native Wi-Fi cards, that act as adaptors, to add wireless capabilities to projectors. External dongles and other wireless presentation solutions can also be used for the same purpose.

While these wireless projectors are great at reducing cable clutter, they majorly operate on the function of mirror casting. But smart projectors go beyond that. In addition to providing the key benefits of wireless projectors, also include features to provide holistic solutions to the users.

Smart projectors for businesses are more about facilitating efficient meetings and creating agile, productive workspaces. They also offer mirror casting capabilities, at the same time they come with their own operating system and built-in business apps to enable collaboration and effective business communication.

Thus, evaluating these key differences between wireless and smart projectors with respect to your business needs is essential to gain a better idea of what will be the ideal choice for your business.

‘No Fuss, No Muss’ for End Users and IT Managers


 Smart Projectors are user-friendly, wireless, hassle-free, include built-in apps, and have zero compatibility issues

Smart projectors for businesses are perfect for enabling hassle-free meeting environments for the meeting holders and attendees, as well as the IT team. Here’s how:

● Smart projectors come with direct access to the internet and are enabled with business apps like WPS Office, Firefox, etc. which completely negate the need for additional devices in the room. Their high connectivity capability further reduces the dependency on additional devices


● They support BYOD policies as well as help improve the participation and engagement levels of employees during meetings, thereby making meetings both time-efficient and productive


● All troubleshooting issues that IT members have to deal with regularly during meetings are also reduced considerably as smart projectors bring up no compatibility errors and are very user-friendly


● Cost saving is a big benefit of smart projectors. They are quality collaboration technologies and come with a long lamp life. Maintenance costs are cut drastically and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced


● Because smart projectors are compatible with all types of devices and do not come with any restrictions, it is easy for multiple presenters to switch during meetings, and there is no time wasted on technical problems


● Smart projectors are also great solutions for the IT team. They are equipped with Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates, saving IT managers hassle. The in-built Account Management System (AMS) provides easy file management and the Data Management Solution (DMS) allows remote and centralized management of multiple devices. These take away the load from IT personnels and permit them time to dedicate to major security and IT infrastructure responsibilities

Take a look at the following table for some of the key benefits offered by a ‘true’ smart projector.

Smart vs. Simple Wireless Projectors

As is clear, the real ‘smart’ projectors do much more than just make the work environment cable-free and wireless. They become key tools for conducting collaborative, productive, and efficient meetings. They assist in developing agile workspaces that are ready to take on the ever-changing business requirements and objectives.

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