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BenQ Predicts Five Key Digital Workplace Trends for 2023

  • BenQ
  • 2023-02-16
Digital workplace
Digital workplace
BenQ's corporate solution combines intelligent, seamless, and secure technology to connect organizations in today's digital workplace
As the world continues to reopen for business after the global pandemic, the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions are poised to fully emerge. Build upon momentum seen by a record 76% of the world’s enterprise CEOs who predicted an improving global economy in 2021-2022 [1]. The accelerated digital transformation led to a permanent shift in consumer and business behaviors. Seizing opportunity in these tumultuous times, the most progressive companies will adopt proactive strategies in enterprise growth, environmental/social governance, workforce upskilling, and most importantly, workplace digitalization to drive differentiation and competitiveness for business and government prosperity [2].
BenQ as an international innovator of audiovisual solutions and digital workplace experts advocated empowering modern enterprises to ascend the digital maturity scale and overcome today’s socio-economic challenges to accelerate productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. BenQ predicts five key digital workplace trends for 2023. 
Workplace Digitalization Will Enable Seamless Collaboration for Hybrid Workforces
Physical workplace tools will return as core productivity platforms and technical professionals will be increasingly responsible for collaboration. The shift to remote work highlights the need for digital solutions that enable remote teams to collaborate and communicate effectively. As more companies implement hybrid work culture in 2023 and beyond, businesses will need to invest in digital solutions such as virtual meeting and video conferencing systems, project management tools, and cloud-based data to remain competitive. Gartner cites Industry Cloud Platforms and Wireless-Value Realization as two additional initiatives businesses can immediately implement to drive organizational agility, speed innovation, and ultimately grow revenue [3].
BenQ Board Pro RP03 Series interactive display provides expansive widescreen experiences brought to vivid life with accurately reproduced skin tones to represent equality and inclusivity for all participants. RP03 displays’ world-exclusive Dolby Digital Plus audio enabling fully immersive video conferencing quality for all in-person and remote contributors.
With instant one-click wireless screen sharing and freely switching between the laptop and the video camera connected to displays, the TZY31 InstaShare Button facilitates in-person, hybrid and remote collaboration with dexterous handling of multiple screens, media files, video feeds, and broadcast capability to share the large display to connected devices, all without drivers, setup, charging, or even batteries.
BenQ Board Pro

The BenQ Board Pro is designed for meeting rooms and helps teams collaborate more creatively and efficiently.

DEX Improvements Will Drive Employee Satisfaction and Productivity
Digital Employee Experience (DEX) will remain a focal point for digital workplace leaders as they attempt to use technology to attract talent, improve productivity, and promote employee engagement. By 2025, over 50% of IT organizations will use DEX to measure digital initiative success, up from fewer than 5% in 2021 [4]. And a health-oriented technology can not only improve employee productivity but also effectively improve employee morale among the current generation.
BenQ’s long-standing dedication to health-focused technology for human interaction provides additional layers of protection against health risks in the office to make in-person collaboration safe for everyone. BenQ RP03 displays not only ensure flicker-free, low blue light, and anti-glare visual performance but also resist 99.9% of common pathogens as well as actively ionize and monitor air quality to purify workplaces of pollutants.
IT Centralization Will Focus on Cyber Security
IT will consolidate operations onto a single, centralized, and secure management platform, with security as the top concern as businesses migrate to the cloud. With more businesses relying on digital tools, the risk of cyber attacks also increases. Therefore, it is important for businesses to invest in cybersecurity solutions to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access to company systems. According to PwC, cyber threats represented the penultimate concern for global CEOs at 47%, second only to the pandemic and other health threats in 2021[5].
Among Gartner’s next steps toward digital maturity, companies who invest in building Digital Immune Systems can increase workplace and customer satisfaction by decreasing 80% of downtime by 2025. BenQ interactive display and the world-first windows smart projector for business such as EH620 are purpose-designed to support digital immunity, providing secure enterprise identity services including single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access, reinforced by AES 128-bit encryption network security and WPA2 wireless protection to guard against most cybersecurity attacks[6].


The EH620 Windows smart projector

The BenQ EH620 Windows Smart Projector User Interface

Personalized Experiences Will Characterize Leading Digital Workplaces
Personalization will rise as a digital workplace requirement, with technology advancing to intimately customize workplace and customer interactions and aid employees update their skills and knowledge in order to remain competitive. Personalized and flexible experiences will increase customer engagement and employee productivity[7].
Correspondingly, BenQ interactive display, smart projector, video conferencing system, and collaboration tools are equipped with one-tap personalized login, single-click collaboration, and a plethora of motion/proximity, temperature, humidity, particulate, and air quality sensors to seamlessly provide the most adaptive, customizable, and future-proof technology solutions for personalization in the digital workplace. 


Sustainable Technology as The Foundation Upon Which All Strategic Initiatives Must Be Built
By 2025, half of all CIOs will have performance metrics tied to sustainability to increase the energy and material efficiency of IT services[8]. As APAC and the Middle East remains resilient and adaptable in the ever-changing landscape, BenQ stands vigilant and ready to promote sustainable enterprise digitalization.
In pursuit of safe and sustainable innovations, the business display and business projectors are committed to adhering to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) to strengthen the capacity of organizations to manage critical health risks with prevent the spread of germs in the workspace. And upgrade technological capabilities through energy-efficient, sustainable innovations with eco-friendly, and safe-for-use solutions.
Digital workplaces are evolving rapidly, and businesses must stay up to date with the latest trends to thrive in today’s turbulent yet opportunity-rich business environment. BenQ’s clear vision for technology starts with an ongoing pledge to raise corporate standards through ethical practices and sustainable programs, cultivating a corporate culture of diversity, and growth, prioritizing user health, sharing accountability with suppliers and partners, and safeguarding customer privacy.


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