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5 Things to Know about Wireless Presentation and Collaboration Systems

  • BenQ
  • 2019-09-18
A group of people in a meeting room using wireless presentation system for collaboration

Ugly tangles of cables all over meeting rooms leaving a bad impression on your guests and frustrating employees? Then it is time to consider wireless presentation system as an easy and convenient alternative to traditional wired annoyances.

In this article, we’ll cover the five most important things to know before buying a system for wireless collaboration. 

Wireless Collaboration Enables Better Meetings

We all dread meetings to some extent, and a lot of it has to with the bothersome setup and preparation. Technology should support meetings, empower people, and provide a better work experience, and wireless presentation system does just that.

With a wireless presentation system, multiple presenters get an opportunity to easily share information and no time is wasted when switching between presenters. No need to plug and unplug cables, so every attendee can quickly join in and provide valuable input unimpeded. Wireless presentation system welcomes more people into what genuine, natural conversations as opposed to the old stiff and stale meeting format. 

Fast, Easy & Worry-Free Wireless Presentation System BenQ InstaShow

Wireless Presentation System WDC10
Free of Extra Costs and the Need for Tech Support

Wireless presentation systems with HDMI technology are very easy to install and don’t require the installation of any software or app. Everything that you need to set it up comes in the box and works in total plug-n-play. You certainly won’t have to wait for the IT people to come in and troubleshoot anything before starting your meeting. Since it does not require proprietary software or IT support, there is no need for expensive subscription services that can drive up your total cost of ownership over time. 

Wireless Presentation System is User Friendly

With wireless collaboration system, you can share different types of content including 4K video from computers to displays and projectors. Operation is very intuitive and doesn’t require any special training. Unlike old school office equipment, wireless presentation systems don’t intimidate your team members.

Depending on the type of solution you choose, video streaming quality may vary. Solutions that rely on your corporate network to broadcast video usually have more latency and buffering issues than truly all-hardware systems that have their own independent wireless network. 

Enabling Flexibility

A wireless presentation system allows you to literally turn any corner of the office into a meeting room. Utilize unoccupied areas in your company and transform them into productive spaces, also known as huddle rooms. Since wireless presentation systems allow easy and fast wireless mirroring of content from laptops and even tablets and smartphones, they’re very conducive of BYOD (bring your own device) culture. 

Needs to Keep Company Data Secure

The introduction of a new IT solution always raises concerns about security.  Important confidential data and information must be protected against access by unauthorized parties.

Look for a system that encrypts all the wireless transmissions and uses 128-bit encryption system with enterprise-grade security keys. Make sure that the system you choose operates independently of the network without the risk of a hacker “bridging” to the main network from a wireless receiver. 
InstaShow from BenQ is the only fully hardware-based wireless presentation system currently on the market. Working totally free from software and independent of external internet connections, InstaShow maintain complete insulation so any data that passes through it remains confidential and secure. 

Wireless Collaboration with BenQ InstaShow

With InstaShow from BenQ you get all of the above and more. Put an end to meeting room messes and encourage your team members to organize impromptu productive gatherings thanks to fast setup and easy operation. Then, enjoy complete privacy, security, and consistency thanks to a self-contained design that avoids exposing your confidential data while sparing company resources by not burdening your IT backbone.

Ease of use, performance, security, and diversity – that’s the InstaShow guarantee.