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BenQ DuoBoards Increase Remote Client Collaboration at Imagination Media

  • BenQ
  • 2021-09-22

“Working at an agency requires multiple stakeholders on a call. While virtual conferencing serves its purpose, we find ourselves struggling to interact with our partners in a meaningful way. Imagination Media chose BenQ to improve our customer interactions in real time. This investment has proven itself to improve communication, decrease the amount of calls, & increase efficiency of our teams.”

- James Denker, Director of Partnerships at Imagination Media




Increasing need for flexibility when accommodating remote collaboration with clients and partners. Desire to find a solution that combined local interaction with offsite contribution seamlessly.



BenQ DuoBoard interactive panels afford team members a central, easy to use platform with digital whiteboarding and remote access for collaboration from any location.



Meetings and collaborative sessions with clients have become more efficient and productive, while a possible increase in sales leads appeared as an added bonus.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ Interactive Display - DuoBoard CP8601K
  • BenQ Interactive Display - DuoBoard CP6501K
  • BenQ EZwrite
  • BenQ InstaShare 


Digital Agency



Imagination Media needed to remodel their office and it was time to find cuttiing-edge meeting room equipment.



Corporate Office


Imagination Media is a digital e-commerce project agency based in Boca Raton, Florida. The company focuses on complex software engineering for retailers, mostly online commerce venues. Imagination Media specializes in back office enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, warehousing and stock/order management, plus brand discovery and the design of user interfaces and user experiences. Retailers in the areas of fashion, accessories, jewelry, and textile form the biggest contingent in Imagination Media’s client base.


Looking for more flexibility in collaboration with clients and eager to meet the overarching trend of teleconferencing, Imagination Media have been searching for tools to augment remote collaboration with clients and partners for several years. Recently, BenQ DuoBoards have proven to be precisely those tools.

BenQ DuoBoard boosts remote collaboration at Imagination Media

Challenge: Maintain Ability to Hold Meaningful and Productive Meetings with Clients

With up to 80% of the Imagination Media team working from outside the office, better technology was needed to sustain continuity and ensure meetings with clients were uplifted by enhanced capabilities to compensate for the added challenge posed by the COVID crisis.

Part of Imagination Media’s SOP for years have been in-person initial kick off and idea discovery sessions. The company’s Solution Architecture team would send members to meet with customers onsite to hold productive, whiteboard-based brainstorming and preliminary engagement meetings. But the pandemic made such trips to client offices essentially impossible.

“We’re not face to face with the client in person as often anymore, if at all”

Ali Ahmed, CEO at Imagination Media.

The decision was made early in the pandemic to re-design the Imagination Media office with a double emphasis on remote collaboration and interactive displays that would prove helpful in a variety of tasks.

The primary goal of this re-design was “to be able to arm the folks that work here with cutting edge tools to make their life easier”, added Ali.

Solution: All-in-One BenQ DuoBoard Platform

It’s important to keep in mind that Imagination Media were looking for a comprehensive and integrated solution that’s also intuitive and easy to use for more than just Zoom calls and Teams sessions. At first, the company considered purchasing Microsoft Surface devices but decided these were not on a sufficiently encompassing scale. After becoming convinced BenQ DuoBoards were the way to go, they committed to an initial purchase and installation of two BenQ DuoBoards.

The larger BenQ DuoBoard, an 86” CP8601k, is now located in the main Imagination Media conference room. The second and smaller BenQ DuoBoard, a 65” CP6501k, has been placed in a dedicated huddle space.

Feedback from Imagination Media highlights the quick response from BenQ’s sales team and the availability of advice and tailored solution information. Furthermore, product availability and prompt delivery are also important factors, especially as over the last couple of years supply hasn’t been able to keep up with demand in most industries. The rapid response by BenQ was a major factor in Imagination Media’s decision to go with BenQ DuoBoards as their solutions of choice.

BenQ DuoBoards have become especially useful at Imagination Media due to their versatility. BenQ DuoBoards run Windows and Android, offering instant familiarity to users as well as seamless connectivity with personal devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Moving work content from those devices to BenQ DuoBoards is effortless, and thus a huge benefit for collaboration.

The proprietary user interface and dedicated apps that ship with BenQ DuoBoard products have also become second nature to the Imagination Media team. Brainstorming sessions are now much easier thanks to the availability of BenQ InstaShare for fast content mirroring and sharing in support of remote collaboration with clients and among team members. Both Imagination Media employees and clients can provide input and express their thoughts through BenQ EZWrite, a whiteboarding app that works locally and remotely and allows for edits and suggestions in real time.

Outcome: Meaningful Work Continues to Benefit Both Company and Clients

With BenQ DuoBoards, Imagination Media have reached a good equilibrium that’s very close to being with clients in person. In terms of collaboration, BenQ DuoBoards have helped reverse and undo most of the setbacks presented by the COVID pandemic. Due to ease of use, adoption proved easy, and there was no prolonged learning curve, meaning tapping into the benefits of BenQ DuoBoards out of the box.

While initially the company purchased BenQ DuoBoards to help with client interaction and collaboration, the devices have proven very helpful in sales, as well. Thanks to impressive presentations and increased outreach, the sales department feels confident BenQ DuoBoards will help Imagination Media close more deals in the long run.

In closing, Ali Ahmed of Imagination Media summarized the successful integration of BenQ DuoBoards at the company:

“The primary use case for us was to be able to collaborate using whiteboarding with clients while in those meetings in a meaningful way. Our goal was to find a way to get as close to in-person collaboration as possible.”

And BenQ DuoBoards help attain that goal every day.