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Laptop, tablet and smartphone sharing screens wirelessly onto a display
InstaShare 2 wireless screen sharing icon 2023 ISTE BEST of SHOW WINNER

InstaShare 2

Wireless screen sharing

Upgrade the way you teach lessons with smooth interactive screen sharing from any device using InstaShare 2.

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InstaShare 2

Wireless screen sharing

Upgrade the way you teach lessons with smooth interactive screen sharing from any device using InstaShare 2.

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Share Ideas x Engage Minds

Immerse your students in engaging lessons by allowing them to explore ideas together.

  • Teacher writing on interactive display over content shared from laptop

    Teach lessons

    Control your device from the BenQ Board

  • Display showing content shared wirelessly from 3 different devices

    Share ideas

    Share multiple screens simultaneously

  • Student writing on tablet and sharing screen to display at the front of class

    Hold discussions

    Cast BenQ Board screen onto connected devices

Your lessons, your way

InstaShare 2 works seamlessly with your devices so you can teach the way you like with convenient and flexible screen sharing.

Share different types of content

Choose between casting your entire screen and sharing specific files. Teachers and students alike can share photos, videos, or even their camera feed.

Tablets displaying different types of content on displays in classrooms

Screen sharing for the whole class

Let up to nine students share their screens while having full control of the session. InstaShare 2 automatically splits the screen according to the number of mirrored devices so students can take turns sharing their ideas without disrupting the flow of the lesson.

Side-by-side learning

Make group presentations and whole-class discussions more engaging for everyone. Share up to nine screens in Smart Split mode to encourage active participation and meaningful brainstorming sessions.

Students sharing screens wirelessly to display in front of class with teacher

Get everyone on the same page

Share the BenQ Board screen with all connected devices and enable remote annotation to give every student a more immersive learning experience.

  • Display lesson content wirelessly showing on student devices

    Learn together

    Ensure students don’t get lost during the lesson. Control what students see by casting the BenQ Board screen onto their personal devices.

  • Students annotating remotely and content shows on display

    Discuss together

    Let students make notes on shared content right from their seats for the whole class to see on the BenQ Board.

Success stories

Kankakee School District
"BenQ Boards help us by allowing our teachers to be more flexible in their instruction."

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Whykids Institute
"Teachers can use BenQ Boards as blackboards to explain some things or share students' answers."

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  • What is InstaShare 2?

    InstaShare 2 is a wireless screen sharing solution that allows users to share their device screens on a BenQ Board for interactive and engaging teaching and collaborative sessions.

  • What devices are compatible with InstaShare 2?

    InstaShare 2 is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and ChromeOS devices, ensuring flexibility and convenience in your classroom or workspace.

  • Do I need to install additional software to use InstaShare 2?

    No, you don't need any additional software on most devices. InstaShare 2 works seamlessly with your devices, making it easy for you to teach or present your way without the need to install extra software.

  • Can I share different types of content with InstaShare 2?

    Yes. You can choose to cast your entire screen or share specific files, including photos, videos, or even your camera feed, for flexible content sharing.

  • How many screens can be shared simultaneously with InstaShare 2?

    InstaShare 2 can accommodate up to nine screens simultaneously. It automatically splits the board's screen according to the number of devices shared, enabling seamless sharing and discussions.

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