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Best Smart Board Pens for Classrooms

Pens are often the most overlooked feature of a smart board.  How do the popular models of smart board pens compare in terms of features and price?


While smart boards are increasingly popular in classrooms, the pens that teachers and students use to write on them can create a lot of stress if something goes wrong.  It turns out that these pens are quite complicated to replace when lost – and some require constant charging.  This article will compare pens from some of the more popular smart boards used in classrooms today.  Here are the five key features that teachers typically look for in smart board pens.

  • Weight/charging requirements
  • How many pens are required
  • Antimicrobial coatings
  • NFC sensors
  • Alternatives to smart board pens

How much does a smart board pen weigh?

For most smart boards, the pens are specifically made for each model or series.  So, if the model you buy has heavier pens- chances are slim that you can replace them with lighter ones.   For a teacher holding a pen throughout the day – heavier pens can feel weightier at the end of the day.   Smart board pens that have integrated batteries are typically heavier than passive pens.  Today’s BenQ Boards are designed to have the lightest smart board pens– and practically the only ones that specify their weight on the website.

Smartboard Pens article 1 - 1

How many pens are required?

Having the right tools close where they are needed is a key principle in classroom ergonomics.  Some smart board pens are highly specialized – while others can be used for multiple uses.  The BenQ smart board pens come with two different tips that can be used for any color.  So, when a teacher or student wants to change the color – they just flip the pen over and use the other tip.    By contrast, some SMART board pens come in different colors, such as red – that are used for that ink.   You can also buy more colors of pens – but replacing lost pens can be expensive if this is a key part since most are sold as kits. 

Antimicrobial coatings

Some of the best smart board pens today have integrated antimicrobial coatings to protect teachers and students from spreading germs while collaborating.    This can help give teachers peace of mind when they pick up a pen after students have been using them. 

NFC sensors

The most advanced smart board pens use integrated NFC sensors that wirelessly communicate to the smart board when in use.  These pens can wake up the board, change pen type and do other functions without the use of a battery.  This is the same technology used in technologies like Apple Pay – and we expect to see even more teacher centric functions to improve learning.  

Smart board pen alternatives

Versatility is key in teaching, and the best smart boards today have writing options beyond colored pens.   For example, the latest BenQ Board can use simple paintbrushes to draw on the screen.  This is ideal for art class, but is also critical for writing foreign languages, as well as ideation in STEM classes.  The BenQ Board will recognize the width of the paintbrush and enable a true digital canvas.  Other smart boards have special stamps that can be used to create a specific shape on the screen – such as a circle – or box.   

What is the best smart board pen in 2023?

The BenQ Board pens are designed to be the lightest, most versatile, and safest pens available for schools today.  With integrated NFC technology and antimicrobial coatings – they are an ideal part of helping teachers improve learning – while keeping students from spreading germs when sharing pens.  With the paintbrush capabilities, the BenQ Board also enables teachers to use inexpensive paintbrushes for students to draw on the screen.  Here is a comparison of the top four smart board pens for your consideration.

Smartboard Pens article 2 - 1

Want to try one for yourself?

If you are curious about how much difference a simple smart board pen can make, we invite you to try one out for yourself.  Just fill out the form below and we’ll connect with you at a local event – or even come by your school so your teachers can experience this for themselves.    

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