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Delve into Game Worlds with BenQ Gaming Projectors

Build Your Immersive Game Room in 3 Steps


Understand Your Game Room’s Layout and Ambient Lighting

Since rooms come in all shapes and sizes and aren’t always perfectly symmetrical, the first thing you have to do when you’ve decided to switch to a gaming projector is to evaluate which of the walls you will be projecting on. This means that you will have to find out whether the wall will fit the screen size you want. You should also evaluate the ambient light you can control, which will determine projector brightness capability in order to offer the best performance.

See how to decide screen size:

game room layout and ambient lighting

Place your projector and consoles just right

The next step is to decide on the projection method, i.e. where the projector and consoles will be placed or installed in relation to the screen. This choice, when coupled with the screen size described earlier, will help you further pinpoint the right projector choice by focusing on the projector’s throw ratio and offset.

See how to choose projector placement:

projector and console placement

Choosing a projection screen

Choosing the right projection screen or whether to use one at all is mainly about personal preference. Whereas previous sections provided concrete calculations and specs to guide you, the choice of a projection screen is based on what type of installation method you employ, along with a weighing of the pros and cons for each type.

See pros and cons for each type of screen:

Alternatively, we’ve compiled a list of recommended screens from our trusted partners at Elite Screens that pair excellently with BenQ gaming projectors in different ambient light conditions

various types of projection screen

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