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Delve into game world with BenQ Gaming projectors

Delve into Game Worlds with BenQ Gaming Projectors

Massive Screens 120” and Bigger

The gigantic screen sizes delivered by gaming projectors don’t have the harsh, jarring borders you get with TVs and monitors, and there’s no need to think of bezel. In addition to excellent viewing angles, projector displays are truly borderless and frameless, creating a much more compelling viewing field.

massive screen 120" projection

4K Projector Comes to No Lag Era

Experience the biggest views with the highest resolution and fast response all together for your games, only on new generation gaming projectors.

4k ultra HD

Big and Extra Crisp 4K

True 4K 3840 x 2160 with 8.3 million distinctive pixels renders each detail of game graphics with subtle highlights and rich textures.

4K and 1080p compare on projectors
lower input lag on projector
low input lag

Extra Low Input Latency

Ultra-fast 4ms low input lag in game mode renders your actions into on-screen results with no perceptible delay.

Full of Cinematic in Game

Fast response and great visuals are made even better when accompanied by powerful, room-filling audio, optimized HDR, and enhanced color reproduction.

Ultimately Authentic Colors

BenQ CinematicColor™ and HDR-PRO™ do your games justice with amazing color. Thanks to wide color gamut and great contrast, game color is depicted as intended to maintain believability, artistic value, and awareness through better detailing.

cinematic game colors
details enhancement
Detail Enhance
cinematiccolor dci-p3
Tuned Game Modes
powerful sound

Surprisingly Powerful Sound

BenQ treVolo audio technology fills your room with a wider soundstage in games. Adjusting balanced deep bass, clear voice, and a surround effect, it ensuring games sound brilliant in every volume level.

full range speakers
Full-Range Speakers
virtual 3d surround
Virtual 3D Surround
game sound mode
Dedicated Audio Modes

Entertainment Expands Beyond Games

BenQ gaming projectors with dual HDMI 2.0 ports give you flexibility. Hook up your PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch, or use one port for a 4K Blu-ray player if you’re a movie buff. Alternatively, go for streaming with your favorite apps. BenQ gaming projectors with superb color and sound do double duty for games and other entertainment.

game console

Game Console



handheld console

Handheld Game Console



dvd player

DVD Player

tv streaming

TV Streaming

Awards and Media

BenQ is leading the projector industry and our products have been receiving regular acclaim from reviewers and users. Check out reviews from pros and influencers to learn what the experts at top tech sites have to say about us.

award and media of BenQ Gaming projector

What Do the Influencers Say?


"The projector's color range is on par with what you would expect to see on a movie theater screen."


"Games look sharp and gameplay is fast!"

It Came From A Box

"It defines the word cinematic."


"Games play better in 4K 60Hz with HDR."


"TK700 does fantastically well even in bright rooms."

MiDAS Tech

"Easily set up projector in your room."