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X3000i Reviews
The Ultimate Gaming Setup
By Twistie3, Feb., 2023

"Having never really experienced gaming on a projector before, this is honestly a game changer to how you can play games individually and socially."

X3000i BenQ's 4K 4LED Gaming Projector Review | Best Gaming Projector in 2022?
by 1upEmily / Team Retro, April 2022

"We are honestly blown away by the X3000i and didn’t anticipate gaming on a projector to be this enjoyable. The ultra low input lag combined with bright accurate colors result in a fantastic gaming experience."

BENQ x3000i REVIEW! 🔥 AMAZING 4K Home Theater Projector!
by Build Montage, March 2022

"PERFECT for Both Gaming and Movies this projector features 4K 60p with only 6ms ping! Or 240hz 1080p with 8ms ping!!"

The Ultimate 4K 4LED Gaming Projector is here
Reviewed by UAVisuals, April 2022

"Not just used for gaming, this projector is perfect for the office, watching a movie or even easy enough to take on a camping trip!"

BenQ X3000i Review - The Best Gaming Projector of 2022?
Reviewed by Chris Majestic, March 2022

"With a new 4-LED lamp source, 100% DCI-P3 coverage, 3D, 3000 lumens, and low input lag, the X3000i might just be the best gaming projector so far."

BenQ X3000i 4K 4LED Projector is a GAME CHANGER | Full Review
Reviewed by all things tech, March 2022

"The BenQ X3000i is a 4K Gaming Projector that does Movies and More really well."

How A Projector Changes Your Life; BenQ X3000i Review
Reviewed by Skylent Games, March 2022

"if you want a projector, you want future proofing and you want the best that can do the most for an affordable price, then this is the one I’ll be recommending."