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GV30 Reviews
The BEST Portable HD Smart PROJECTOR!?

“The ultimate in a portable smart audio video entertainment system. This thing is packed with tons of features due to it's included android TV stick for all the smart functionality and apps that are now built right into the projector!"

BenQ GV30 - World's first 2.1 Portable Projector!!
By Life of Tech

“The GV30 has an LED bulb and will last up to 30,000 hours. It also supports an external (full size) HDMI input, which means you can hook up a console such as an Xbox or Playstation, and play on the big screen (at 60fps!!)."

The BenQ GV30 Wireless Projector with In-Built 2.1CH Speaker & Subwoofer!
By Trending Reviews

“It’s just as good as outdoors as it is indoors. For me, it is now number one projector that I’ve ever had."

Movie Time, Anytime, Anywhere, with BenQ

“It sounds pretty good!” check the review now! has been using the BenQ GV30 for a while, and really likes them.

WEEKLY VLOG | stepping out of my comfort zone, solo date + sick days!
By Ella Victoria

“The quality is insane, it has a Bluetooth speaker which has great audio and bass in my opinion and there are 4 different sound modes for you to choose from. The projector actually has wireless projection so you can connect through wifi or your hotspot and that allows you to use chromecast or screen mirroring from your device."

Couple of random days in my life vlog
By Lily April Rose

“The projector got Android TV on it so It’s already got like Disney plus, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Google play, so it is really easy to use and easy to stream stuff."

How to Set Up an Indoor Movie Theater Using a Portable Projector
by Lifestyle with Leah

When Disenchanted came out on Disney Plus I knew I wanted to do something special for the girls. I decided to set up an indoor movie theatre in their room. 

BenQ's new portable projectors have Android TV and 2.1 channel audio built right in
By Android Police

“Rather than the sort of flat, squat box you're used to, it has a circular shape that lets you rotate it to tilt up or down by up to 135-degrees. Thanks to that, you can even project the display on your ceiling, turning it into a screen.”

BenQ GV30 portable projector review: Solid video in a unique design

“The speakers built into the projector are pretty solid. They’re definitely better quality than the majority of built-in speakers, and can get loud enough for most small-format sessions.”

By Projector Reviews

“It slid right into my backpack. The included carrying case easily fit into my backpack. I believe most people would carry it by the carrying handle instead of taking up space in a backpack. The Heather Grey carrying case sports a yellow zipper that operated smoothly.”

BenQ’s GS50 and GV30 Portable Projectors are truly convenient lifestyle products.
By Home Theater High Fidelity

“In minutes, you can set one up, indoors or out, and project an image up to 100 inches diagonal on a wall or screen. With built-in speakers that deliver surprisingly full and rich sound, you can have a movie night just about anywhere.”

BenQ GV30 Review
By PCMag

“Cinema mode has the best color accuracy, which makes it the best choice for watching brightly lit digital or live video. The accuracy of Game mode is nearly as good, and it does the best job of holding shadow detail, making it the best choice for games and for movies and video with dark scenes.”

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Bluetooth Speaker Mode

Wireless Casting

Personal Theater

135 Degree Rotation

Android TV


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