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Mini Portable Video Projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker | GV1

  • A 480p 200lm mini projector for user-friendly connectivity with USB-C.

  • Hassle-free wireless set-up with auto-keystone and 15 degree tilt for a big, squared picture, quickly and with ease.

  • NOTE: Copyrighted content from Netflix, Amazon, Prime Video, Hulu, and similar services CANNOT be mirrored or screencast.


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GV1 is a portable LED projector designed for the binge-watching enthusiast. Its innovative vertical design reduces the footprint needed for setup and allows instant image adjustment. The unique hinge design plus auto keystone make it easy to project images at any height. With the built-in battery and powerful chamber speakers, users can turn any space into a private cinema.

"All-in-all, I think that portable projectors are about to take off in a big way. I was really expecting the quality of something like this to be worse, but the picture is bright, the speakers are very vibrant and it’s super easy to use".

-Press Start, 15 June 2021