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World’s First Fastest 4K HDR Gaming Projector 4K @ 60Hz 16ms | TK700STi

  • Game with 16ms Lowest Input Lag Ever Paired with 4K Resolution

  • High Brightness 3000lm, 96% Rec.709, HDR Game Compatibility

  • Short Throw Projector and Rotate Adjustment Deliver 120” 4K Image



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"Built for bigscreen gaming, this BenQ projector’s smooth bright and colourful UHD imaging is also fab for movies and TV."

Awarded as AV Projector of the Year $2000-$10,000 & Winner of Sound+Image Awards 2022

Review from YouTubers
Boosted Media
The Aussie Gamer
Chris Majestic
Raymond Stazdas
Geek Street
"If you are serious about gaming and want the fastest 4K response time on the biggest screen possible at a great price, then this is completely unrivaled".

-Stereonet Australia & New Zealand, 31 July 2021

“The built in audio is one of the better implementations I've heard in a projector, 3000 ANSI Lumens is quite bright and makes it usable in rooms with some ambient light. Easily setup on the coffee table or when your mates come over to watch the big game. Planning a movie night with the family or intense gaming session all weekend? Then this is the projector for you!”

-CHT Solutions, 15 July 2021

"The TK700STi projector itself, meanwhile, delivers what BenQ does best – rich colours, genuine pixel-shifted UHD resolution, smooth playback and easy set-up – here enhanced for gamers with low-latency delivery for a stupendously ‘wow’ bigscreen delivery of 4K gaming".

-What HI-FI Magazine, 22 July 2021

"The sheer amount of tech in this compact box is astonishing at the price – so if you’ve been contemplating turning the wall of your living space into a cinema screen and are tempted by the idea of gaming gone large, this one’s well worth checking out".

-Stack Magazine, 16 July 2021

"The TK700STi projector delivers what BenQ does best — rich colours, genuine pixel-shifted UHD resolution and easy set-up — here enhanced for gamers with low latency delivery for stupendously ‘WOW’ big screen delivery of 4K gaming".

-Sound+Image Magazine, July 2021

"The TK700STi short-throw projector offers a 16ms response time at 4K 60Hz, providing elite gameplay experiences with fast-paced games where reaction time is key. From only 2m away, the TK700STi expands consumers' gaming world by easily projecting stunning 4K imagery at 100-inch limitless possibilities".

-Stereonet, 18 May 2021