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Projectors / Home Projector - CinePro Series
See Your True Colors
The deep details with ultimate colors that reflect your true self.
CinematicColor™ for Colors as the Director Envisioned

True colors are the best way to show great cinema. Employing the full range of the DCI-P3 color space, BenQ’s CinematicColor™ means your home cinema has color accuracy that goes beyond industry standards. BenQ is also the only brand that provides an individualized calibration report with every unit.

HDR-PRO™ Delivers the Deepest Experience

Discerning eyes will appreciate the expanded dynamic range the CinePro Series delivers. BenQ’s exclusive HDR-PRO™ technology ensures cinema connoisseurs reproduce the spectacular dynamic range the director intended.

4K UHD Detail that Cinemas Can’t Match
8.3 Million Pixels of Perfection

A projector with 4K UHD clarity will give your home cinema lifelike image clarity that even many commercial cinemas can’t match. Employing four times as many pixels as 1080p, the CinePro Series’ 4K resolution creates amazingly clear images for the ultimate in cinematic enjoyment.

THX Certified Genuine Cinema Performance

Only for best-in-class AV systems, THX Certification guarantees content reproduction as directors intended.

Best-in-class 4K Lens Architecture

Luxuriousness goes beyond the aesthetic. Featuring a lens array composed of 14 individual elements, the CinePro Series delivers true 4K clarity that far outstrips what ordinary projectors are capable of.

Designed for Your Custom-Built Screening Room

You know best how to appreciate your favorite films. BenQ CinePro Series projectors accommodate a wide range of throw distances and angles and support a LAN-based control system, allowing you to personalize your screening room with centralized control of sound and imagery.


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