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MOBIUZ Gaming Monitor Series Launch

BenQ launches the MOBIUZ gaming monitor series with the latest features and technology for gaming enthusiasts.


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, JULY 20,2020 – BenQ Australia today announced its new MOBIUZ gaming monitors. Inspired by the Mobius strip, the monitors are engineered for endless gaming immersion. The debut EX2710 & EX2510 tackle the ideal gaming experience with a user-focused with a three-pronged approach: graphics, audio, and comfort.


The MOBIUZ monitors are equipped with the latest visual optimisation technology such as patented HDRi technology, Black Equalizer, Colour Vibrance and Light Tuner. It also boasts FreeSync Premium, 144Hz and 1ms MPRT for seamless gameplay. BenQ’s HDRi Technology actively detects surrounding ambient lights and on-screen content to produce flawless detailed HDR images. The technology provides clarity with superb contrast to reveal subtle shades in dark regions of the screen while preserving fine details in bright areas. 


MOBIUZ monitors also feature Black Equalizer to improve visibility in dark scenes, without overexposing bright areas, so you can see everything hiding in the shadow. Colour Vibrance refines images in-game so details, and targets, are easier to spot and Light Tuner lets you choose from 20 colour settings so games can look the way you want them to look. The BenQ MOBIUZ Series captivates gamers into richly rendered in-game universes without visual compromise. 


For full gaming immersion, MOBIUZ gaming monitors also offer custom high-end speakers designed by BenQ’s treVolo audio engineers to deliver a spectacular aural experience. The monitors feature two 2.5W speakers and integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processor) with three customised sound modes. 


As a global leader in eye-care for displays, MOBIUZ also features BenQ Eye-Care technology and height-adjustable stands to ensure maximum comfort and for gamers to experience and enjoy full gaming immersion.