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BenQ MOBIUZ and Techland Introduces EX3210R: Dying Light 2 Stay Human Night Runner’s Edition Curved Gaming Monitor

Exciting and exclusive partnership lets gamers experience highly anticipated game on specially equipped monitor.

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Sydney, Australia, 28th January 2022 – In the City filled with the infected and polluted with hazards, Techland's Dying Light 2 Stay Human challenges you to do one thing, stay human. Aligning with this challenge, BenQ MOBIUZ and Techland announced today the ultimate addition to you arsenal, EX3210R: Dying Light 2 Stay Human Night Runner's Edition. 

This partnership blends two powerhouses of immersive gaming, as Techland delivers open world thrills that keep gamers on their toes, pivoting from one challenge to the next, while MOBIUZ gaming monitors maximize immersion for non-stop intensity. Combined, gamers can expect a mind-blowing experience filled with non-stop action and incredible graphics on a monitor built to make the most of every heart-pounding moment.

Gamers need a multi-pronged approach to navigate The City, and this 32-inch 1000R curved display creates a world of audio-visual sensory immersion, while adding an edge to every gamer’s arsenal. Poor brightness control typically leaves gamers vulnerable to enemies and hides opportunities for the next parkour escape moves. With BenQ’s exclusive Light Tuner gamers can select from 20 luminescence settings to determine the ideal balance of light and dark for their style of play.

Listen Up: Elevated Audio

Most gaming monitors can’t effectively deliver sonic clues due to inferior sound systems, causing gamers to lose a competitive advantage when they miss the signs of approaching infected. These sound systems also impede on team communication and deny the added ambience of the soundtrack. With the EX3210R sound system which includes built-in treVolo two 2W speakers, a 5W subwoofer, and a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for selectable custom audio modes, gaming will never sound the same again.

Intelligent Optimization for a Smart Edge 

Smart HDR tech showcases crisp details so gamers can identify friends from foes and treasure from treachery. Expect refined contrast, expanded clarity and vivid colour, optimized for the environment by a discrete sensor on the monitor. Not only does this technology provide a competitive edge, but it also creates more enjoyment out of the game to fully experience Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Curve into Your Game 

In order to make gamers feel as if they are The City, the 1000R curvature matches the shape of the human eye for supreme immersion. EX3210R dissolves the space between the gamer and the action, wrapping their field of view with the sights, sounds, and scenes that make Dying Light 2 Stay Human one of the most anticipated horror titles of 2022. 

"We’re proud to announce the partnership with Techland to launch a special version of EX3210R for the upcoming Dying Light 2 Stay Human game,” said Grace Tran, BenQ Australia Product Marketing Manager. “MOBIUZ aims to provide the most immersive gaming experience to gamers, letting them experience a world of vivid colour and dramatic detail. Dying light 2 Stay Human is exactly the game we're looking for to fully showcase our monitor’s features.”

Want one. Need one. Now. 

Exclusive limited edition EX3210R: Dying Light 2 Night Runner’s Edition curved gaming monitors go on sale in March and registering your interests starting on January 28. All who purchase the monitor can redeem a code for a free PC standard digital copy of Dying Light 2 Stay Human (llimited quantity availlable).

Learn more about EX3210R Dying Light 2 Night Runner’s Edition here.

Learn more about Dying Light 2 Stay Human here.






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