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BenQ give Australian Gamers an advantage with the release of XL2411T 144Hz Refresh Rate; 1ms GtG Response Time; Black eQualizer; Display Mode; Smart Scaling; FPS Mode; Zero-Flicker Technology; 3D-ready

BenQ give Australian Gamers an advantage with the release of XL2411T 144Hz Refresh Rate; 1ms GtG Response Time; Black eQualizer; Display Mode; Smart Scaling; FPS Mode; Zero-Flicker Technology; 3D-ready

Sydney Australia, July 23, 2013:          

BenQ Australia announce the much anticipated arrival of their latest gaming weapon, the XL2411T gaming monitor offering 144Hz Refresh Rate and 1ms GtG Response Time as well as a host of other new features making it the obvious choice for Pro Gamers both here and internationally.

The XL Series of gaming monitors have established a reputation amongst the world’s gamers as the ultimate weapon in gaining a vantage point over competitors, and this reputation has led BenQ to become the world’s leading brand in gaming monitors in a short space of time.
In launching the XL2411T, BenQ are also launching GROM - Gaming Refresh rate Optimization Management, the key improvement incorporated into this new XL monitor, which they describe as a game-changing display innovation that takes competitive gaming  to new heights. 

According to Joshua Edwards, marketing executive for BenQ Australia and professional gamer, GROM is a solution that puts professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts in control of their own destiny, serving as the key to building a completely personalized gaming experience with a wide selection of customizable refresh rates, resolutions and display sizes at their disposal.
“The Gaming Refresh Rate Optimization Management marks a new milestone for gaming product development here at BenQ. We are proud to have created a feature that gives gamers improved customizability and control over their refresh rate and display resolution, whether it be to their personal taste or to emulate BenQ Sponsored eSports athletes worldwide.”
Edwards explains that to avid gamers, gaining an accurate sense of precision, fluidity and flexibility can make the difference between victory and defeat, explaining why they typically custom-build their personal gaming computers rather than purchasing a pre-assembled one.
“GROM is an exciting new feature exclusive to BenQ,”continued Edwards.  “It collaborates with the Display Mode and Smart Scaling features also incorporated into the XL2411T to give gamers the freedom to customize their viewing preferences with their preferred level of optimal refresh rates (100/120/144Hz), display resolution and screen size. These highly personalized features aim to empower gamers with a new level of control, accuracy, ease of use and enjoyment the market has yet to provide.”
In addition to GROM, the XL2411T also features BenQ’s latest ZeroFlicker technology to eliminate backlight flickering at all brightness levels, which in turn effectively combats eyestrain and eye fatigue.  As professional gamers tend to spend on an average of 8 to 12 hours a day using their screen, a ZeroFlicker display is of vital importance to maintaining eye comfort and health.
“For pro gamers,” explains Edwards, “achieving greatness equates to hundreds of hours of practice time.  In light of this, we developed our new ZeroFlicker Technology, which allows gamers to play for longer without compromising comfort.  Consequently, gamers, both amateur and professional, can experience fast, Flicker-free gaming on displays that are built specifically for the requirements of today’s gaming environment where speed, comfort and control are paramount to success.”
Other new cutting-edge features offered by the 24”W, 3D-ready professional XL2411T gaming monitor includes:
  • The Display Mode to allow gamers to switch between seven monitor screen sizes from 17" (4:3), 19" (4:3), 19"W (16:10), 21.5"W (16:9), 22"W (16:10), 23"W (16:9) to 24"W (16:9)
  • The Smart Scaling feature to give players the ability to scale the screen to virtually any custom size to accommodate any individual viewing preferences
The XL2411T featuring the latest GROM technology and ZeroFlicker will be available Australia-wide in July 2013. For more information, please visit or call BenQ on 1300 130 336.
RRP:                $429.00
Available:         from late July 2013
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