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BenQ SmartEco – a breakthrough in lamp technology for BenQ projectors Reduced power consumption by up to 50%, better image quality and longer usable lamp life

BenQ SmartEco – a breakthrough in lamp technology for BenQ projectors Reduced power consumption by up to 50%, better image quality and longer usable lamp life

Sydney Australia, October 2011 – As the first DLP® brand to incorporate Philips’ ImageCare technology into its projector lamp system, BenQ has gone a step further, developing its own SmartEco technology to perfect what DLP can do for energy savings.

SmartEco combines energy efficiency with optimized image contrast and a longer lamp life. This technological innovation enhances the imaging performance and reduces the operating and maintenance cost of projectors.

SmartEco works by continually and automatically adjusting the lamp power based on the projected content. This is done without compromising on picture quality: the projector shows improved contrast while keeping its full brightness.

General manager for BenQ Australia, Chee. F. Chung said: “SmartEco is a big breakthrough in projector technology, the kind you'll only see once in a number of years.

“Essentially, SmartEco is an internal software solution that maintains the ideal colourspectrum and also provides an improved contrast ratio. This revolutionary technology produces no more light than absolutely necessary and always adapts to its own ideal,” she said.

When the projected content contains dark elements, the lamp dims accordingly for those scenes without any loss of visible brightness for the viewer. This benefits users in multiple ways – mainly prolonging lamp life by up to 80% and reduction of energy consumption by up to 50%.

“SmartEco is a ‘green’ innovation which will greatly benefit the education and corporate segment - it makes projector usage more environmentally-friendly, saving money and protecting the planet,” continued Chung.

The BenQ Projector models available with SmartEco technology are:
• MX850UST – Ultra Short-throw XGA available now
• MW851UST – Ultra Short-throw XGA available now
• MW712 – Network Wide XGA available in Nov 2011
To be released:
• MS513 – Portable SVGA available in early 2012
• MX514 – Portable XGA available in early 2012
• MW516 – Portable Wide XGA available in early 2012
• MX813ST – Short-throw XGA available in early 2012


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