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BenQ excel in gaming with their new XL2410T LED 120Hz Professional Gaming Monitor

BenQ excel in gaming with their new XL2410T LED 120Hz Professional Gaming Monitor


BenQ are excited to launch their first ever professional gaming monitor – the XL2410T, due for release in Australia in December.

Designed and produced in consultation with high profile Counter-Strike players, Emil “HeatoN” Christensen and Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed to provide the ultimate gaming experience, the XL2410T is an LED backlit height adjustable monitor with an impressive 120Hz Refresh Rate and a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 providing detailed images and clarity in both darkened and brightened situations.

Another unique feature of the XL2410T is that it offers the gamer the ability to change screen resolution on-the-fly.

Explains Chee F. Chung, BenQ General Manager in Australia, the BenQ XL2410T is the first LED gaming monitor of it’s kind – being LED it offers energy savings and is TCL Display 5.0 certified with a fast 2ms response time. Add to this the monitor’s unbelievable 330Mhz video bandwidth and AMA (Advanced Motion Accelerator) for better motion performance, higher image/video refresh rate which equates to flawless visuals and smoother functioning.

Not only is the 23.6” (16:0 Aspect Ration) XL2410T equipped with 130mm HAS, it also comes with a Pivot function – other gaming monitors generally only offer HAS up and down.

Said Chung, “The XL2410T is designed with one purpose in mind – to win. Serious gamers know that lag will cause you to lose a game. The XL2410T impresses with a quick response to action, and an impressive 120Hz refresh rate for higher precision coupled with a low input lag so the shots made are in-sync with the vision on-screen. A 2ms GTG (OverDrive) means the user can see the edge of the enemies clearly without motion blur.

“Ultimately,” says Chung, “this all equates to a huge advantage to gamers. Hardware lag is a thing of the past, the action is smooth and life-like making the gaming experience more exhilarating.”

The XL2410T monitor has two hotkeys available: the first changes the display mode: Full; Aspect; Overscan; 1:1; 17”; 19”; 19” widescreen and 22” widescreen. The second hotkey is Smart Scaling, which lets the users adjust picture size in original input to the screen’s limit – having this function means that users can play in the resolution size they are used to with their previous monitor, or adjust the screen size to what their team-mates are using for easier communication and reference. From BenQ’s Gaming Display Modes options, users can choose from FPS (First Person Shooting) Mode, made possible by co-working with the gaming heroes -HeatoN and SpawN as the best setting for personal shooting games, or from the two User Game modes for more dedicated and personalized settings.

“The XL2410T offers extreme entertainment,” said Chung, “with True Colour Adjustment, 3D-ready (nVDIA 3D certified); Picture by Picture (PBP) – this is important to gamers as dual input sources can be displayed at the same time on one screen; connectivity values (D-sub; DVI-D-DL, HDMI) and height adjustment options all featured on the XL2410 to ensure the user’s enjoyment and comfort.”

Available December 2010 RRP : $699.00


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