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VG.CyberZen Win the eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2016 Tournament Series in Shanghai

Chinese eSports team defeats Australia's Renegades in thrilling Grand Final series


Sydney,   Australia - September 26th, 2016 – VG.CyberZen have won the   eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2016 tournament series and claim $40,000 in   prize money, after defeating the Renegades 2-1 in a memorable Grand Final   series in Shanghai, China.

 The   eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2016 saw 16 of the best teams in the   Asia-Pacific region complete for a share of US$100,000. The Renegades were   invited to represent Australia in the tournament series.

 The   Renegades opened their eXTREMESLAND campaign against China’s EHOME on Train.   Following a 14:1 half on their CT side, the Renegades claimed victory just   four rounds later with a 16:3 victory over EHOME. In the Group C Winner’s   bracket, history looked to repeat itself against NXL, with another 14:1 first   half on Train. The Australian boys took the next two rounds and claimed   victory against the Indonesian side, with the final score 16:1 on Train.

 In  the Quarter Finals, Renegades faced off against MiTH from Thailand in their   first best of three of the tournament. MiTH opted to ban Train, allowing   Renegades to select Nuke, which was heavily banned against them in the early   stages of the tournament. After an 8:7 half on Nuke, the Renegades T-side   proved too strong for their opponents, with the Aussies claiming a 16:8   victory. The Renegades took their momentum into Dust II, claiming a 16:9   victory and sealing the 2-0 win and a spot in the Semi Finals.

 In   the first Semi Final matchup, the Renegades met Mongolia’s The MongolZ.   Following The MongolZ decision to ban Nuke, the Renegades took advantage by   once again selecting Train. In what can only be described as an absolute   massacre, the Renegades claimed a flawless 16:0 victory over MongolZ on   Train. The Mongolian team had something to prove coming in to the second map,   Mirage, posting a 8:7 lead at half time. The Renegades finished strong with a   16:12 win over The MongolZ, and securing their spot in the eXTREMESLAND Grand   Final.

 VG.CyberZen   also looked impressive throughout the group stages, sealing decisive   victories against Vietnam’s Rebellion (16:1 on Cache) and MiTH (16:4 on   Cobblestone). In their semi-final stage, they shut out NXL 2-0 with wins on   Cobblestone (16:6) and Dust II (16:13).

 In   an unexpected turn of events, VG.CyberZen were forced to forfeit the first   match of their semi-final against dream[S]cape from Singapore, after the team   failed to adhere to the scheduled timing of their first match. After starting   one map down in the best of three, VG.CyberZen fought back to claim victories   on Cache (16:9) and Overpass (16:9) to secure their position in the Grand   Final match against the Renegades.

 The   stage was set for an epic Grand Final series between the Renegades from   Australia and VG.CyberZen of China. Despite a 48-5 Win-Loss ratio on Train   this tournament, the Chinese side opted to ban Nuke over Train against the   Australians, with Dust II and Cobblestone the remaining two maps. Both teams   fought hard on Train, which ended in a 16:13 to the Renegades. Dust II saw TB   and Savage post some big scores on the side of VG.CyberZen, allowing them to   take the map 16:12. Unfortunately for the Renegades, VG.CyberZen took their   momentum into the third map, their CT side proving impenetrable for the   Renegades. In a well earned victory, VG.CyberZen took the series and the   tournament with a 16:11 on Cobblestone.



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