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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements


WiT Puts a Smile on Your Desk and a Sparkle in your Eyes

BenQ Introduces Worlds First Desktop LED Lamp for e-Reading


Sydney,  Australia 16th March, 2016 – BenQ, the internationally renowned creator of digital lifestyle products and a global innovator in cutting-edge personal lighting for home and office, today illuminated the world of e-Reading. The WiT desktop lamp will put a smile on the face of anyone who spends time reading and working from a digital screen.


The WiT’s unique shape covers a 90cm-wide area in light, a full 150% wider than comparable desk lamps on the market — enough area to cover a fully unfolded newspaper. With a colour temperature range of 2,700k to 5,700k, WiT projects 500 lux of illumination to every corner of your desk, which is infinitely easy on one’s eyes.


With a simple touch to the WiT lamp’s control ring, users can activate the lamp’s intelligent e-Reading feature. The intelligent design ambient light sensor detects ambient brightness from other light sources and balances illumination, enhancing at the edges and dimming the middle of the lit area. The automatic adjustment maximizes reading comfort by reducing reflection and contrast glare when lighting computer displays and other device screens.


WiT’s tailor-made design allows users to fully customize their lighting experience to fit personal lifestyle and usage patterns.  Colour temperature is easily managed via the WiT’s convenient rotary knob to suit the time of day or task at hand. With a simple turn, colour temperature and brightness can be adjusted from 2,700k for warm white light to 5,700k cool white light, depending on users’ reading preferences. Tailor-made design features create a timeless blend of form and functionality — dual-Colour LED provide independent light sources for dimming and Colour balance, while highly flexible precision-balanced joints make it easy to adjust the lamp to just the right angle.


The Right Light for the Modern Desktop

Today’s desktop fixtures face a myriad of lighting challenges that didn’t exist when most reading was done off paper.  Users’ eyes move from solid to reflective to backlit surfaces, causing strain and fatigue. The WiT desktop lamp solves this problem with its special Smile Curve Technology, casting a wider area of illumination than most conventional lamps. Users can now read, browse the Internet, write and watch in comfort, without having to shift position or move devices to achieve an optimal lighting angle.


One Light for Every Situation 

The WiT lamp offers an all-inclusive lighting solution for every reading or work scenario. When crunching numbers with accounting software, the slightest mistake can lead to disaster. The lamp’s cool white mode sharpens attention to detail so you can catch and avoid costly input errors. When hitting the books for an intensive study session, the cooler temperature light helps students focus attention while minimizing eye fatigue and peripheral distractions. At the other end of the reading spectrum, unwinding with a novel or scanning news stories on your e-Reader shouldn’t be a stressful activity. The warm mode lets readers relax both mind and body for a rejuvenating experience.

Available in wide palette Colours including Sunset Red, Interstellar Blue, Aqua Green, Daybreak Gold, and Galaxy Silver, there is a WiT lamp to fit your personal style.


A Work of Art Inside and Out

An array of features makes WiT a marvel of aesthetics and technological innovation:

  • Flicker-free LED driver IC provides consistent and uniform lighting

  • Ambient light sensor detects environment illumination

  • Curved light guide module to provide even light over a wider area

  • Adjustable dual colour LED fine-tunes colour temperature from 2,700k for warm white light to 5,700k cool white light.

  • Patented ball joint makes it easy to adjust the lamp cap to direct the light wherever you need it.

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy to dissipate the heat generated by LED.

  • All WiT materials meet the restrictions in EU Directive, RoHS (2002/95/EC)



Shape It to Your Needs

The WiT’s design is a wonder of ergonomics and precision engineering. The ingenious ball-joint allows for optimal flexibility of the head cap, making it easy to position the lamp at variety of angles. Ultra-durable torque springs and precision friction controls create the perfect balance of function and grace.

Easy on the Eyes and the Environment

Constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy, the WiT lamp’s light cap is designed to easily dissipate heat, significantly extending the lifespan of the LED over plastic cap lamps. Zinc alloy torque springs further enhance the lamp’s durability. The WiT meets all EU environmental protections standards as well as earning international certification for safety.


Images and Units available for Review. Please contact for further information.  RRP $249


  •   About BenQ Corporation

Founded on the corporate vision of “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life”, BenQ Corporation is a world-leading human technology and solutions provider aiming to elevate and enrich every aspect of consumers’ lives. To realize this vision, the company focuses on the aspects that matter most to people today – lifestyle, business, healthcare and education – with the hope of providing people with the means to live better, increase efficiency, feel healthier and enhance learning. Such means include a delightful broad portfolio of people-driven products and embedded technologies spanning digital projectors, monitors, interactive large-format displays, audio products, cloud consumer products, mobile communications and lifestyle lighting. Because it matters.   



  •  About BenQ Group


The BenQ Group is a $22+ billion powerhouse comprised of nearly 20 independent companies operating in over 30 countries across numerous industries with a combined workforce of over 100,000 employees.  Each Group member is a recognized leader in its own field, contributing to the BenQ Group’s vast resources, broad R&D, and distinct strategic strengths.  By leveraging each company’s vertical specialization to create true scale across horizontal markets, the BenQ Group controls a highly efficient value chain with the unrivaled ability to deliver critical components and world-class solutions in the following industries: TFT-LCD, green energy, fine chemicals and advanced materials, lighting, IC design, precision components, system integration, branded business, and service.  The Group is committed to profitable and sustainable businesses that share its long-standing vision of Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life.

The BenQ Group companies are:  BenQ Corporation, AU Optronics Corporation (world’s top manufacturer of large-size TFT-LCD panels), Qisda Corporation, Darfon Electronics Corporation, BenQ ESCO Corp., BenQ Materials Corp., BenQ Guru Corp., BenQ Medical Center, BenQ Medical Technology Corp., BenQ AB DentCare Corp., Daxin Materials Corp., Dazzo Technology Corp., Darwin Precisions Corp., Lextar Electronics Corp., LILY Medical Corp. and Raydium Semiconductor Corp..