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Join us with Senior Colour Expert and manager of the Colour Technology Lab here at BenQ, Dr. Chris Bai! Dr. Chris Bai is also our Professional Display Product Manager where he developed the first printing industry-certified colour management monitor for BenQ. His experience and education in colour science have allowed him to provide extensive colour management training to printers, photographers, designers, and anyone who is interested in colour management. Some topics include the introducing the concept of colour management, examples of workflows following and not following colour management, improving workflow to obtain more consistent results, the expected results, and Q&A session at the end. We hope to see your attendance!


LIVE webinar with Dr. Chris Bai on WEDNESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021, 6.30PM AEST


Dr. Chris Bai is the Senior Colour Expert and the manager of the Colour Technology Lab at BenQ. He was also the Professional Display Product Manager where he developed the first printing industry-certified colour management monitor from BenQ. He also serves as the Vice-Chair of the Display Working Group in ICC, and is an Expert member on ISO TC-130. His responsibility at BenQ also includes software development for colour applications in different industries, standards development, and colour education. He was the Director of the R&D Division at Printing Technology Research Institution in Taiwan and a fellow researcher at Display Technology Center in Industrial Technology Research Institution.

Coming from a mixed background of printing and display technology research, he believes making soft-proofing accessible is the future, and that was his mindset when designing the product. He received his BASc. in Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and his passion for photography had led him into the world of colour. He received his MSc. in Colour Science from the University of Leeds, UK. 


Below contents for the first of many episodes we will be having:

  • Introduccing the concept of colour management
  • Showcasing examples of workflow following/not following colour management
  • Understanding the goal of photography
  • Revisiting photography workflow
  • How to improve the workflow to shorten the time required and obtain more consistent result
  • What do you need to implement for olour management in the photography workflow
  • The expected results
  • Short Q&A


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