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Register Your Interest! | LIVE Webinar with Dr. Chris Bai Episode 3

Join us with Senior Colour Expert and manager of the Colour Technology Lab here at BenQ, Dr. Chris Bai! Dr. Chris Bai is also our Professional Display Product Manager where he developed the first printing industry-certified colour management monitor for BenQ. His experience and education in colour science have allowed him to provide extensive colour management training to printers, photographers, designers, and anyone who is interested in colour management. This will be our third episode with Dr Chris Bai and we hope to see your attendance!


LIVE webinar with Dr. Chris Bai on WEDNESDAY 24TH AUGUST 2022, 6.30PM AEST


In this 3rd episode, the media and illuminant used in photography workflow will be introduced. The additive and subtractive colour mixing theory will also be introduced so viewers like yourself will have a better understanding of the limitations on colour management. We will also recommend workflow for reproducing consistent colours across different media, and present how does ICC profile work in the workflow. Finally, the webinar will end with a hands-on demonstration of how to calibrate your monitor for soft-proofing.

  • What media is used in photography?

  • Understand Underlying Colour Theory – Additive Colour Mixing and Subtractive Colour Mixing

  • Illuminant and CRI Explained

  • Workflow on reproducing consistent colours across different media

  • ICC profiles and its roles in colour management

  • Hands-on Demonstration: How to Calibrate Your Monitor for Soft Proofing?
  • Short Q&A


Register for FREE here , limited spots available



*Pantone SkinTone Validated displays only available on SW321C / SW240 / PD3205U / PD2705U

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32" 4K 99% Adobe RGB Photography Monitor with Shading Hood | BenQ SW321C
Paper Color Sync Technology Simulates Photo Print Effect on Screen
Uniformity Technology for Screen-Wide Color Accuracy
99% Adobe RGB Color Space with IPS Technology
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  • AQCOLOR Technology for Accurate Reproduction
  • HDR with 24/25/30P video format support
  • USB-C to provide video/audio/data and power delivery


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  • 99% Adobe RGB Color Space with IPS technology
  • 24.1 Inch 1920x1200 Resolution
  • Hardware Calibration with accuracy color


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99% sRGB

  • 31.5” 3840x2160 UHD 16:9 HDR IPS 4K Monitor
  • 99% sRGB and Rec.709 color spaces
  • USB-C One-Cable Connectivity


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