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BenQ Australia partners with Canon Collective

BenQ Australia has partnered up with Canon Collective who will be hosting additional workshops on colour-management workflow across Australia.


Canon Collective is an initiative by Canon Australia which provides photographers with an extensive range of photographic experiences, workshops and education to help them achieve more than they thought possible with Canon products and their photography. Canon Collective connect people to their passions via photography, learning with others and building a community of like-minded people regardless of age and photographic experience.

BenQ Australia has partnered with Canon Collective to assist in educating photographers the importance of colour management. After an image has been captured, it is usually edited to represent, enhance or reflect the image, an idea or concept. Colour management is important as it ensures accurate colours across different devices and an accurate representation of the final output. 

All BenQ Photography Monitors feature 99% Adobe RGB and hardware calibration which means no matter the type of photography, we will have a monitor that will cater to the workflow.



About the Canon Collective Colour Managed Workflow Workshop: 

Getting predictable colour from capture to print, is often a source of confusion and frustration for many photographers. The aim is to shoot the best possible image ‘in camera’ and efficiently take the image through the editing process, to the final print as accurately as possible. In this workshop, we will demystify the process using Datacolor colour management tools, Adobe Lightroom Classic software, BenQ SW270C Monitor and the Canon Pro2000 printer.

Bring your own camera to shoot a sample image using the SpyderCUBE Exposure Calibration Tool to get perfect exposures everytime. You are welcome to bring your own laptop with the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Classic to follow along with the presentation – this is optional. The Canon Collective will demonstrate the the Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 48 Color Calibration Chart and SpyderX Elite Colorimeter using the licenced software to create a custom colour profile for perfect colour.

Topics of discussion:

• What is Colour Managed Workflow?
• Which Colour Space should I use?
• Camera Colour Profile Demonstration
• How to use a Exposure Calibration Tool
• Monitor Calibration Demonstration
• Soft Proofing your image using the printer and paper profile
• Exporting a Print Ready File

If you wish to take your photography to the next level or learn about colour management, you can book a Canon Collective experience at



Below image: The set-up before a Canon Collective workshop in Brisbane on Colour Managed Workflow. As shown on the screen, BenQ monitors can show side by side the difference in colour space (sRGB and 99% Adobe RGB) and the importance of colour management. 

Below are images were taken by Canon Ambassadors and edited on BenQ SW270C

Image by: Steve Huddy 

Image by: Greg Sullavan

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