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Colour Managed Workflow for Photographers

Tools that photographers should consider investing in to implement colour management workflow.


Once photographers have master colour management in their workflow, colours captured by different make and model of a camera will appear the same. Photographers and professionals who are in colour-critical work that has implemented colour management into their workflow can ensure consistent colours and predictable results. 

Colour management requires time and the correct tools to ensure accurate colours to the original subject that was photographed or the final output in which they intended.    

Below are 3 tools that photographers should consider investing in to achieve colour management workflow:   

  1. Colour Passport;

  2. Calibrator; and 

  3. Colour Accurate Monitor.  

Image:  'Colour Managed Workflow for Photography' workshop in Brisbane by Greg Suvillan, Canon Collective Ambassador.

Colour Passport 

Colour Passport allows photographers to profile their camera. Colour passport such as Datacolor SyderCheckr™ consists of colour patches which are used in test photographs and by using their software, analyse the result of these photographs, creating an instant ICC profile which can be imported into editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. This would allow photographers to create a colour profile every time they shoot, or they can set colour profiled to a specific camera for a specific shooting scenario.

Calibrator & Colour Accurate Monitor  

Part of many photographers workflow includes editing images captured to represent, enhance or reflect the image, an idea or concept. Photographers need to calibrate their monitor/laptop as the monitor/laptop exhibits a reduction of brightness and colour shift over time which can highly affect accuracy when editing and its final output.  Calibrators measure the colour output from your display and what it should be and adjust it within the software to ensure accurate colours. However, when editing photos, it is also worthwhile to invest in a colour accurate monitor.  

Photographers are encouraged to shoot RAW. This is because the RAW file format allows photographers to capture all image data recorded by the camera. The RAW file enables photographers to produce high-quality images, correct problematic images that would be unrecoverable if shot in JPEC format. 

BenQ Photography monitors feature 99% Adobe RGB which is the same colour space as shooting RAW. This would enable photographers to edit on the display that accurately depicts the colours captured and allow more precise editing and predictable results.  

BenQ Photography monitors also are hardware calibrated not software. Software calibration on a normal display adjusts the output parameter of the graphic cards directly, which can cause discontinuity of colour transition. Hardware calibration is developed by BenQ to conduct calibration int the monitor. The data is saved in the 3D-LUT in the monitor hardware, which can display more accurate colours and retain the maximum colour depth.

Image:  'Colour Managed Workflow for Photography' workshop in Brisbane by Greg Suvillan, Canon Collective Ambassador.

Canon Collective Colour Managed Workflow for Photographers provides hands-on and detail experience of managed workflow for photographers including an introduction to colour, colour space, ICC profiling, how to use colour management tools, Adobe software and many more.   

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