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Monitors / Eye-care GW Series / GW2485TC / Reviews

23.8 inch FHD 1080p Eye-Care IPS USB-C Monitor with built-in Microphone for Work and Learn | GW2485TC

  • Noise-cancellation microphone, USB Type-C & daisy chain for efficient meetings

  • Eye-Care technologies including Brightness Intelligence, Low Blue Light Plus, Flicker Free, and Coding mode

  • Ergonomic design with slim bezel


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"One thing I love about this monitor is just that it's a lot more comfortable to work for up to 4 hours writing compared to my laptop. It's easy to adjust the height, swivel, and tilt. The USB-C connection is handy as it can charge devices a lot faster and with daisy-chain capability, you can set up multiple monitors if that's your thing.”

- Jessica Holsman