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Monitors / PhotoVue Photographer Monitor / SW271C / Reviews

27 inch 4K Adobe RGB PhotoVue Photographer Monitor with Shading Hood | SW271C

  • AQCOLOR Technology for Accurate Reproduction

  • HDR with 24/25/30P video format support

  • USB-C to provide video/audio/data and power delivery


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Review from YouTubers
SW271C Photographer Monitor Review by The School of Photography
The School of Photography
SW271C Photographer Monitor Review by Todd Dominey
Todd Dominey
"The combination of size, performance and attractive price point in the SW271C make it just about perfect for the photographer looking for the highest level of performance without breaking the bank. Whilst it is slightly more expensive than its older brother it does include several key upgrades – perhaps the most important of which is its outstanding uniformity."

-Joshua Holko, Wild Nature Photo Travel, 20 June 2021

"A wide gamut monitor, the SW271C is Pantone validated, and comes both Calman Ready and Calman Verified – two important indicators of colour uniformity. It’s worth mentioning that it is very colour accurate using its generic profile in both the SRGB and Adobe colour spaces right out of the box."

- Capture Magazine Online, 14 June 2021

"BenQ have hit a home run with the SW271C. It’s a great size, displays fantastic yet customisable colour uniformity, is beautifully sharp and has very little glare. If you’re serious about editing and exporting your work to the highest level, you’ll find the SW271C a more than capable partner."

- Australian Photography, 12 May 2021

Live Webinar with Image Science Director, Jeremy Daalder

20 April 2021

"The SW271C is an excellent monitor. It's a near ideal combination of size and performance for image editing work, presented in an elegant and well thought out package. Offers excellent value for professional and serious amateur visual artists alike."

- Jeremy Daalder, Image Science, 01 April 2021