The Rise of New Spaces and Models in Work Environments


There are already 32.4 million huddle rooms worldwide. These private, compact spaces are ideal for letting small teams collaborate and thrive in fast-paced office environments.

73% of meetings involve only 2 to 4 people, while most conference rooms are designed for meetings of 7 or more. Furthermore, 40% of employees spend up to 30 minutes a day looking for a suitable meeting space.

65% of employees feel that at least half of huddle spaces need video conferencing capabilities. Calls with video are more engaging and productive.

32% of millennials use smartphones and/or tablets to collaborate and discuss with colleagues at work. Huddle rooms should let them share with devices they’re familiar with.

40% of IT staff feel the biggest challenge in huddle-room management is handling mixed technology from different vendors in one huddle space.

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BenQ Smart Projector EH600

*Blizz support for easy video calls and hassle-free video conferencing
*BYOD-friendly design with support for wireless screen mirroring
*Support for Firefox browser that lets employees search for information during meetings
*Built-in A/V player plus support for USB drive file access and opening documents via WPS Office
*TeamViewer App for facilitating remote project management

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