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Four Ways Portable Projectors Brighten Up Gatherings


Just because things have changed a lot in the last couple of years doesn’t mean everything’s different. Christmas remains a time of joy and getting together with loved ones, whether family or close friends. And there’s even better technology than before to help us make the most of the festive season, like cool portable projectors that are compact and stylish while delivering impressive big screen entertainment. Now that’s something everyone wants to gather around for. Portable projectors aren’t more important than the people you spend the holidays with, but they help bring out the moments and feelings we love to share and remember.


In that sense, despite all the upheaval of recent times, Christmas and family gatherings in general remain the same. Getting together to share meaningful, joyous experiences with those that are most important in our lives in the top priority! 

Family sharing memories on a big screen using portable projector

Holiday Family Get Togethers

When everyone comes together there’s always a lot of news and experiences to share and catch up on. Since everybody now has a camera in their pocket or bag via smartphone, it’s easy to share using screen mirroring, Bluetooth, or wired connection. A good portable projector supports all of those, and allows everybody at family gatherings to showcase on a big screen for all to see clearly. Clarity counts, as in gatherings we may have more elderly people for whom a small screen may be tough on the eyes.


From photos to videos, it’s a lot easier and more sociable seeing everything in big screen format than having to pass a small 6” screen around to one person at a time. Together should also extend to the way we share content, and in this case the content is very important because it’s the actual lives and experiences of people we care about.


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Fun for Kids at Family Events

With Disney+ pre-installed and ready to go, good portable projectors like the BenQ GV30 act as excellent entertainment providers for the kids, helping keep them happy and busy during family gatherings they may otherwise find a little boring. So, let’s say the adults sit around the dinner table catching up. In the meantime, the portable projector can be set up in the living room as a big screen fun center for the kids, displaying streaming content or video games if hooked up to a console.


We all remember feeling a little out of place at family events when we were children, as the adults are the ones that initiate the gathering and it’s primarily for them. With a portable projector in place, you have a great way to cater to the needs of children to play and socialize with other youngsters, especially when the weather’s cold and going outside isn’t ideal. 

Guys in a Dorm

From sports to movies and games, getting together in the dorm before leaving on winter break or for any other occasion is a fun way to share time and build stronger bonds. If you have a bunch of people in a dorm room and are sure you’re not disturbing anyone, then go ahead, set up a portable projector and enjoy some big screen fun together. It’s convenient and simple, as with the GV30 you don’t even need external speakers thanks to the great integrated sound the projector provides. 

Gathering of Girl Gamers

Quality portable projectors have the brightness, color fidelity, and good response you need for fun local co-op gaming. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from female gamers recently that the GV30 pairs especially well with the Nintendo Switch and is extra-suitable for the colorful and cute style of many Nintendo titles. This doesn’t surprise us, as the GV30 is very cute!


And again, the GV30 has HDMI, good internal speakers, and Wi-Fi all included so it’s ready for gaming. With a native resolution of 720p it’s a perfect match for Switch, but other consoles like Xbox and PlayStation will look great on a big screen, too. And since girl gamers tend to enjoy traveling a little more than guy gamers, the portability of GV30 and similar compact projectors will surely come in handy at some point! 

Cheerful Get Togethers

There’s lots you can do to make reunions and gatherings happy this year even though the world is quite challenging. And a portable projector, as we’ve seen, helps in many ways. We highlighted four, but there’s lots more. Whatever the occasion for your gathering, we wish you a happy time together with those you hold dear! 

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