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E-learning with Eye-care Monitor. Let’s Get Your Child Ready!


Once upon a time, happiness for kids was simply a ball to play with, a tree to climb, or a cloud to discover the shape of a rabbit in. Now, there is less emphasis on cloud shapes, as it’s all about what’s on the screen! Technology has changed the way our children learn and explore the world. As a parent, you might be faced with a dilemma whether to encourage your child to use tablets and the Internet - or not. Therefore, we encourage parents to adopt the method of control, companion, and communication.

Control the amount of time your child uses digital devices

Time can flash by while your child spends hours on a laptop or tablet without a break. It’s better to limit the amount of time they use mobile devices and computers. Adopt the 20-20-20 rule by encouraging your child to take a 20-second break from the computer every 20 minutes, and focus on something at least 20 feet away. This will help minimize the chances of developing vision problems and eye strain. Some monitor brands even offer a clever feature to regularly remind users to take breaks.

Ergonomics also matters

For young students and small children, ergonomics is quite important in terms of bone growth and eye health. Make sure their computer workstation is adjusted to their body size. The recommended distance between the monitor and the eyes is 20 to 28 inches for children. Viewing the computer screen closer than 20 inches can strain the eyes. Monitors with height, tilt, pivot, and swivel adjustments are also a perfect solution for your child to have the best viewing comfort.

Intelligently adjust screen brightness

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Be your child’s companion when exploring the digital world

Some parents will let their child use tablets or smartphones to play games or watch videos in exchange for a brief moment of peace. However, digital devices aren’t full-time babysitters. It’s better for parents to be there for their children by mentoring and filtering inappropriate contents.

Help your child find appropriate Internet websites, while making sure that they understand what you think are appropriate websites for them to visit. Point your child in the direction of sites that can help them with their homework or that relate to their interests.

Communication with your child is the key

Kids might stumble into trouble online - even when they aren’t looking for it. Misspelling a website address, messing up a search term, or clicking a risqué ad can lead to some awkward bedtime conversations.

The threats of online bullying, predatory adults, and illegal downloading of copyrighted content are always lurking. It’s important for parents to have open communication with your child, understand what they are going through, and have the self-confidence to speak up when something goes wrong.

A balance between restrictions and freedom

Set out clear, simple rules for your child to follow. Set aside a small period of time to dedicate to helping them understand safe computer and Internet use. There’s a reason why Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both limited the amount screen time for their children, despite being the biggest modern technology influencers.

Take into consideration all the above advice and create a foundation that allows you to have peace-of-mind, while giving your child the confidence to safely explore the world.

What to look for when choosing a monitor for your child

Go for monitors with eye-care technology. BenQ monitors are designed with exclusive eye-care technology to help eliminate the stress that traditional monitors put on your child’s eyes. Brightness Intelligence offers the most comfortable screen brightness in any lighting environment. Flicker-Free eliminates display flickers to effectively reduce eye fatigue. Low Blue Light filters out harmful blue light to reduce the chances of potential damage to the retina. Height Adjustment tailors the monitor to the most ergonomically suitable height for your child.

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