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Why a flicker-free monitor is the best choice for you and your eyes?

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Have you ever experience eye strain, dry eyes, headache, or blurred vision after long periods of staring at a screen? These are the common signs of eye fatigue that could lead to more serious health conditions.

We are not built to look at a screen all day long and so as our eyes.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) refers to eye and vision symptoms that might be experienced as a result of viewing a computer screen for prolonged periods. Anyone who uses a digital screen can experience the symptoms of CVS. Studies indicate that 80 percent of teenagers experience significant eye strain after being exposed to a digital device for more than two hours straight. Likewise, about 80 percent of children report digital eye strain when using a digital device.

Why do monitors flicker and how can they harm your eyes?

Conventional monitors use Pulse-Width modulation (PWM) that rapidly turns the LED backlight on and off to adjust screen brightness. The on and off mechanism causes the screen to flicker, which then prompts our eyes to adjusts and move at a very high speed. While the flickering is naked to the human eye, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t harmful. Prolonged exposure to screen flickering is proven to cause digital eye strain and fatigue and may lead to more serious health conditions.

Can your monitor pass the flicker test?

With increasing exposure to a digital screen, it is necessary to put your eye health first. Try our Flicker test to know if your monitor has flicker-free technology.

Start by turning on the video from your smartphone. Then, position your smartphone in front of the screen. By doing this, you can easily spot the flickers on any monitor.

Choose the right monitor that cares for you.

We have been consistent in our efforts to develop Eye-care solutions that aim to protect your eye health. We were the first company to develop the "Flicker-free technology". BenQ flicker-free technology maintains a stable backlight with a DC dimmer that eliminates the primary cause of monitor flicker, making it easier on the eyes.

BenQ monitors with Flicker-Free technology are certified by TÜV Rheinland, ensuring the highest industry-standard quality.

Our flicker-free technology does not only give you a comfortable viewing experience but also offers a safer choice that protects your eyes. Without the constant flickering, your eyes will feel more comfortable when enjoying multimedia, while streaming, or while working in the office.


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