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Benefits of Using BenQ LaptopBar


You’ve perhaps considered getting a display-mounted light for your monitor, but have you thought about choosing illumination that's specially-designed for your laptop? Nowadays, laptops have become an essential part of our lives, whether it's working in the office, reading at a café, or relaxing at home.We often need to carry our laptops with us for a variety of reasons.

Did it ever occur to your that while we carry our laptops around, we don’t have bring along lighting to make using their screens easier in different environments? So how do you create the right lighting environment in different situations? That's why you need a light designed specifically for laptops.

using laptop light while working

What is a Laptop Light?

In 2017, BenQ unveiled the innovative ScreenBar, a product that sparked curiosity among users eager to enhance their screen lighting experience. As individuals attempted to affix this novel device to their screens, a question emerged: do the lighting requirements for screens and laptops overlap? The illumination dynamics for laptops exhibit notable disparities when compared to traditional desk lamps and conventional monitor lighting.

Laptop lights are engineered with a distinct purpose, tailored to the specific demands of laptop usage. Renowned not only for their sleek design but also for their portability and lightweight builds, these lights successfully carved a niche for themselves in the realm of tech accessories. The subsequent discourse will delve into the nuances of these distinct lighting solutions, highlighting their unique features and practical advantages.

You might still have some doubts about the actual effectiveness of a laptop light. This article will provide a more detailed explanation of why you need a laptop light and its practical benefits.

using latoptop in cafe

Is a Laptop Light necessary?

When using a laptop in dim environments, you may experience eye discomfort without realizing it's due to inadequate ambient lighting. A high quality laptop light helps alleviate eye strain. Therefore, before purchasing a laptop light, it's recommended you consider the following criteria to choose the one that best suits you:

  • Webcam usage: do you need to use your laptop with the webcam frequently on?
  • Portability: do you frequently carry your laptop for work on the go?
  • Eye comfort: do you often experience eye fatigue or discomfort when using your laptop?
  • Lighting conditions: do you have sufficient lighting when using your laptop?

Considering these factors can help you determine whether you need a laptop light and how to select the right one. Next, we'll delve into the advantages of using a laptop light.

portable laptop light

Seven Big Benefits of Using a Laptop Light

So, what is the primary function of a laptop light? It’s is to illuminate the space where you are using your laptop, whether at a desk or while chilling in bed. A laptop light can effectively enhance productivity, alleviate eye dryness and fatigue, and simultaneously boost your work efficiency.

Here are the benefits of laptop lights that can aid you in determining if one is right for you:

  • Reduced eye discomfort
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Personalized auto dimming
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Sufficient illumination range
  • Zero flicker LED
  • Rechargeable battery 

Reduced Eye Discomfort

When using a laptop, insufficient lighting and significant variations in brightness can lead to eye discomfort. The BenQ LaptopBar employs 3D surround illumination, with the main light illuminating the workspace and ambient lights providing background illumination, which reduces contrast and minimizes eye strain when using a laptop.

Adjustable Color Temperature

The ability to adjust the color temperature of your laptop light is an important feature that helps you adapt to different situations. With warm light, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation. On the other hand, cool light promotes focus and concentration, making it ideal for work or study.

Lightweight and Portable

Laptop lights are ingeniously designed to be as lightweight and compact as modern smartphones. They often come with a dedicated carrying pouch, making them a convenient and portable addition to your laptop accessories. This portability ensures you can take your laptop light with you, no matter where your work or adventures lead.

Magnetic Attachment

Unlike traditional screen lamps that can obstruct your webcam or potentially damage your laptop, dedicated laptop lights feature a magnetic attachment system. This innovative design allows you to effortlessly and securely attach the light to your laptop. The added benefit is that you can also remove it without any risk to your laptop's bezel’s integrity, ensuring ease of use and peace of mind.

Sufficient Illumination Range

When using a laptop, your field of vision often extends beyond the screen to encompass nearby notepads, documents, or items behind the laptop. A high quality laptop light should offer a wide illumination range, ensuring that your entire visual workspace is well lit and conducive to efficient work or study.

Zero Flicker LED

Some LED lights may exhibit flickering, which can lead to eye discomfort and fatigue. Fortunately, laptop lights like those from BenQ incorporate zero flicker LED technology. This ensures that your work or relaxation is free from any flicker-induced issues, providing you with a safe and comfortable lighting experience.

Rechargeable Battery

A rechargeable battery provides cordless convenience, enhancing mobility and safety, while reducing clutter and reliance on annoying cables.

BenQ laptopBar

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the necessity of a laptop light cannot be understated. In a world where laptops play a central role in work, study, and leisure, proper lighting is paramount for a comfortable and productive digital experience. Inadequate lighting often leads to eye discomfort and decreased work efficiency, issues that may go unnoticed.

Laptop lights address these concerns by offering not just illumination but also enhanced comfort and adaptability. They reduce eye strain and fatigue, ensuring you can work, study, and relax with greater ease. These versatile accessories empower you to make the most of your laptop in various settings, regardless of ambient lighting.

Laptop lights are essential tools, not mere accessories, allowing you to unlock your laptop's full potential. They light the way to a more efficient and comfortable digital journey, ensuring your laptop experience is well lit and enjoyable. So, think of a laptop light as the beacon guiding you to a brighter, more productive computing experience.

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