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A Monitor that Matches the Colours of your Mac


Have you ever connected an external monitor to your Mac and discover that colours are not the same?  This is because the external monitor is working within a different colour space, resulting in the colour difference between the screens. So how do you fix this problem? Usually, calibrating your monitors and using the same colour space would be sufficient. However, there is just one small problem.  Most of the latest Mac hardware uses a colour space called Display P3, developed by Apple.

BenQ's M-book mode

Colour scientists at BenQ has fine-tuned a colour mode in the latest DesignVue and PhotoVue monitors to minimize the visual differences between the Mac and external display. M-book mode performs precise colour matching and is particularly useful for dual-monitor use.


What about standard colour spaces?

Professional monitors come with different standard colour modes such as Adobe RGB, sRGB, Rec.709 etc to meet creative professionals workflow. Using these colour standards guarantees interoperability and are favoured by all colour professionals from web designers to photographers. BenQ's M-book mode is not meant to replace these colour standards but offers an additional option for creative professionals who work specifically with a Mac. The mode offers the possibility of working on a bigger display or dual-monitor use. 


*When performing colour-critical tasks you can choose to switch the M-book mode off in BenQ's OSD menu and select the appropriate colour space to match your workflow.