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Ultimate Comfort for Various Visual Activities

Casual browsing, social networking, homework studying, and all the entertainments create potential risk for your family: to view the content in shifting ambient light. Smart eye-care solution is to protect eyes from CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) and other eye-related illnesses.

How Eye-Care Protects Eye Health

Brightness Intelligence Technology reduces eye strain effectively in any lighting environment by sensing and adjusting the ambient light accordingly. Use a monitor which will change its screen brightness to offer a clear and relaxing view.

Brightness Intelligence

Brightness Intelligence Technology is to have the smart ambient sensor detect the amount of the ambient light in your viewing environment and automatically adjusts the suitable and comfortable screen brightness to match your viewing surroundings without sacrificing the image quality of your favorite contents. It will also detect content intensity to avoid overexposure of bright scenes while enhancing dark areas to maintain clear visibility.

Brightness Intelligence, adjust to ambient light, on-screen brightness for comfortable view
More Comfort Features

Studying or browsing the internet under distinctive ambient lighting affects eye health easily. With Low Blue Light, it will block harmful blue light and effectively diminish eye fatigue and irritation. Flicker-free smartly keeps the pictures from flickering, reducing stress to the eyes. Both create an optimal viewing environment for your family.

How BenQ Eye-care Technology Works for Your Eyes?